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VUELO SYMA X8W WIFI EN ESPAÑOL: Review en español de drones baratos calidad precio

If we had to say one of thedrones that more expectancy has had of the channel of Mundodron would have tosay that it is this precisely Syma X8W By the way, it called me rafael welcomecross to Mundodron today thanks to the company gearbest tothe Chinese shop Gearbest that has us yielded this glorious drone.


The ofmagnify drone go it to put go in comillas because as you already have seenin the analysis and has point very good and other points that arehorrible, other points that.

Mine god what that what to where have to arrive.

But well we go to fly east drone and have to say a thingfly it of two distinct form to the principle go to do a recordingin which we go to fly this drone without use the fpv and advance you a thing:you go to see that it is a flight exepcional a flight that by what costs thisdrone is incredible wonderful to me personally it has loved me and I think thatit has positioned inside my drones favourite but afterwards go to fly itwith fpv, voucher? And there is good that occur the that god want.

Voucher? I do not want to advancehere at all but here auguro that it goes to have some problemilla and if there are not them as wonderful but good or leftclear that can occur and here never I have flown so today we wentto find us with a lot of surprise Asi that at all go to put the drone down I want to remember the first what it is necessaryto do connect first the control voucher? Very important.

We connect the control with the crowbar downwards gentlemen that if no.

Voucher connected to the control we connect the drone always leaving thefree sail because this drone can do a lot of damage.

We connect the button ON Care with the crowbars that can have problemilla.

And at all, we synchronise for up it stops down we test that this was workingperfect as at all we remember this flight it is without the fpv voucher so at all goodas you see this is the plaquita for the fpv toput the mobile despues go it to do Asi that at all.

We go to fly it a ratilloand like this see how flies the drone.

incredibly stable the flight sounds likea crazy! We are right now flying in way normal.

That is to say, slow way.

A flightsúper soft a stable flight.

We say that a solemn flight but as to my likesme fly rapido we go to go us already to what for real matters! That I do not want foolishnesses here! Personally it is of the best flights that I have realised sincerely.

With this typeof drones.

A drone cheap.

A drone that are speaking of a dronethat costs some 100 euros and look as it moves it Can load with sportive camerascan do quite a lot of things and I create that is quite well is quitewell think that lost the head already I have recovered it.

It had lost the headgentlemen! It had lost the head! No the head for real but almost almost Already went me to go out of control! Afterwards I criticising the way without head for whatserves? As gentlemen! For this serves for this type of drones when it goes you a bit the pinza.

we do not go us to approach a lot.

Not to have problemas.

Si the camara says us! If to Miss of the camera says us if this seeing well the drone this distance If? Perfect as at all, this is more or less the drone.

A solemn flight, a flight calm a flight that also canbe very but that very nervous was can do what want to sincerely.

The pajaros Are considering me like a member more than his pack am seeingit! Well, we go to do something more risky so that you see the twistsgo to do a flip a flip incredible a flip very stable, a flip very good.

Quite solemn sideways.

For backwards and for the another side.

All can do !Because no? Personally I am very happy with the flight of this drone in this way.

Without tonterias of the FPV neither at all and good.

I think that it has remainedclear no? so at all.

We go to go very tranquilitos putting to the normal way no the rapido and go already to land it in our point of landing.

Very beautiful everything.

A landing tranquilito.


As a lot of care.

We haveit here for down so at all right now I go to take out the mobile goto cut a segundito the camera and we go to put already the fpv to the drone and good.

That it go out what God want.

Good boys already we have gone back.

As you see already we have installed the mobile is a nexus5 important so that you know well that these things can vary of mobile tomobile but good east is a nexus 5 we have had to connect the wifi of thedrone with the wifi of the mobile.

right now already we would be seeing.

Well, we have lit the aplicacion of Syma I think that more or less it is seeingmore or less already are seeing what it is seeing in this instant costs? It ismore, it is more.

If it can come the camera for here want that they see a thing.

it looks you see that right now this put my foot here place.

They see more or less? I Go to remove the foot.

Already I have removed it.

Voucher? More or less already you see cual is the delay being at the side! So well, that is the delay of the fpv like estais seeing it is not a fpv to be seeingcontinuously even to fly from of of the mobile but you do not go to belooking to this and the fpv well what it gives you it is a reference of what isrecording in this moment for this it would be well the problem, if it is that hasa problem now.

it Is the first time that go to fly here.

So at all.

I do not want to advance at all.

If there is a problem that show it the facts.

So at all, this if, as I foresee that it go to have true problemillas Expect that it have not cuidarthem and probably has been problem mio.

East is the fourth different place in which we fly it and probably have had a problem in the others three by chance.

equally if I have had a problem inthe another three and in this do not have it.

Already sabeis but or less cual is the proporcion.

At least up to now! No it was one it is not that it was a too scientific thing but well go to go flying and at all already knows that it estais seeing in real time is the only difference that it Is the unica difference that go to have with the previous time.

And at all, we go upwards! This answering very well with the same delay that previously we Go to put it in way rapido because it is asi as it likes us.

Right now there is not ningun problem.

Probably all was bad luck.

it Goes quite well.

The flight this being very good.

The fpv is with delay but goodbut works.

Personally I create that has been very bad luck in the othersplaces in which I have been.

Oh!!! So that I speak.


It had thrilled me a second the camerahas remained clear that that has remained clear where has fallen to be able to speak 30 seconds.

it has remained blocked in a moment in which it wasflying sobrevolando the way sees a poquito.

It had thrilled me gentlemen.

It thought that already at last it was problem only of thesurroundings but already are four places in the that loses the control and at all.

Thea bit disappointing truth desto but the flight we go to see go to go to look for it cuidadito with the camera that can trip.

It is necessary to have a lot cuidar voucher there is It Is necessary to have a lot of care.

We do not go to go to look for it?? The camara me this saying that there are some problems to go to look for it So at all good go to say or a pair ofcositas.

I have to say you that this zone in summer full of ramajos brutal and estais seeing that they are like me that it was an arm.

Practicallyan arm and sincerely is enough complex go recording and that no fall us as complicated.

Habia Left to see if the camera risked butsee that no! But well want to say them a thing well directly already haslost the synchronisation cost if no they see at all exactly here that there is not at all voucher is easy no lady so at all cositas that I have tosay.

This drone loses synchronisation during some 3-4second voucher here it habeis been able to see but afterwards care.

If I approached me or even if I gave him right now to the gas thing that do not go to do the drone can that it have gone backto reconectarse voucher this is good and is bad this puts bad is well because to see ifwe go to have the sufficient bad luck as so that somebody synchronise or so that pille with others to any interference and such and go flying andthat to the well at least only falls but only leave you clear that the fpv ofthis drone no voucher Is a fpv invalid that is a fpv that would not have to use and simply I I think that what my recommendation asalready you left in the others clear video is that you pilleis this model of drone.

It is a drone very good but if the camera and without the fpv and if youit comprais with the fpv because it goes out more cheap simply no it conecteis why?well podeis Test it in situations of a lot of security without anybody aroundin a very wide place far of you and in this good instant to be able totest it and see if I have had bad luck because I go back to say I only havetested this syma x8 w to know what can have occurred inanother model.

I have been looking for on-line and seems that it ismedianamente normal but well these are my experience I simply say youthat if you go it to you to buy that you it I recommend.

Tengais Cuidar with this and that if you find an a lot of version cheaper without the camera as that the compreis.

This would be the more interesting.

Because themost interesting of this drone, although it will work well with this FPV.

It is not the fpv because also habeis seen that no it serves for to do FPV.

Simply good to have one reference of what is recording thecamera as at all simply was this I expect that it have liked you the videoexpect that it have not hurt you too much this estrellamiento extreme in the earthand at all see us in a new video here in mundodron And of course appreciate to the company Gearbest for having us yielded east product do not see.

Ciao! With that a lot of surprise see to rafa! It thought that the problem went to be alone while it was flying These recording? well here it is we go to see if it has lost the synchronisation it has not lost synchronisation.

You see it? what very what well sounds señarafter how long have been looking for 15 minute 20 miners ina good face diary time of mayabeque estadi city went up bay what there isbehind of what sees by here we have happened the horizon a pair oftimes until we have given us account of that was not so far now bringflown law this zone that is there that from of sounded was loss that isseeing in alcalá was missing do not cost at all and at all here we were to have moreamena how has remained already since this the first of all security the controllike this alabama dalt will finish that to split of now goes to record with a handcost cuidar it does not treat of gaza do not touch as'this face down has not put it to egg so prorrogó the camera that avengesgive him to costs it and here no longer there is too much for ale already can pay thecontrol fraternity is burning by and comprise voucher the camera that recordedwith of this and the second that it is necessary do cost only to look as tothat have too much big year in do now put has put us insidethe antenna of the fpv has put us some mierdecilla that it will be necessaryto clean when we arrive home well dirty is because the things withthe stars in execution well the camera has not removed whichis a point does not know who is they do not do the propellers more or less to theequal a proof of resistance like the that did antaño do not go inin álava do not go to remove the battery already it put very important is one of thefew dates bigger of the history avid of accounts do not finish albinegrowe follow here graces thank you thanks to that we have been twentyminutes looking for to say 15 by in case acaso somebody says us that this will not leave remove here the battery that it is burning and at all more or less thiswould be the norm of minimum security they will be those that can do enoughmore than at all call of tasks of canadá for the camera.