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This is Syma X8G a fairly cheap drone but is it worth the price well this one is one of the most affordable video draws you can buy right now starting at just a hundred-dollar is able to compete with some professional drugs such as DJI phantom which would cost you about a thousand dollars it won’t be able to perform as well as the DJI phantom but for a hundred-dollar drone is fairly well it could probably find some drawn a bit cheaper than the sign my xhe with the 2 megapixel camera the footage is almost useless the Sinai xhe peaches 8-megapixel camera which looks like a GoPro and performs variable is able to record a 1080p with 30 frames per second or 720p with 60 frames-per-second you can look at all sample footage is from this grown at the end of this video now for a hundred-dollar is not really a journey want to buy for a professional great footage but it’s an excellent investment for toy great market find the drone is able to perform fairly well in some light winds and have a fair amount of control over the higher you go the more stable it becomes but the harder it is to get the drone back to where it started it has a very simple and easy to use remote controller but there is no built-in GPS so you won’t get any pictures such as press button to return home but flying it for finance for some cool shot is able to handle it just fine as long as you see the drone you should be good destroy not going to high withdrawn or too far but for a fun little toy it’s a great investment it has a few sport modes which will let you perform stunts and another great feature about this drone is if you really want better quality footage you can attach a GoPro and use that instead of the camera comes with battery performance is fairly well it’s able to last for about 20 minutes with a full charge which is pretty good for a drawing like this it is pretty solid and even after me crashing it a few times it’s working just fine so yeah guys a great room for the price if you like this video consider sharing it with your friends if you haven’t already subscribed please subscribe for more content and enjoy this footage taken from the drawing.

Source: Youtube