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Test drones Parrot Bebop 2 & Archos

Hehe Hehe !! – Hohohoho Look? – Look! Nice right? – Well, uh, open, I say! Thread, thread.

Drone! Cap.

[LAUGHTER] Oh, and we have an app of course.

I think you also just eh.

Foreign television can receive.

Would be nice if you've got a running thing here.

AWACS! Okay.

Free Flight.

Parrot Bebop, he stands alongside them.


Ho, yes, he has something! Yes, a red battery.

I have a battery.

Oh, that's quite handy that's just the same the helicopter goes and remote control.

Oh, this is nice! Maybe we need some more space.

Shall we go outside? We go outside.

Let's see, I think I should do.

Yea, 'ie video? He does video! I, uh.


– Whaaaaah! The mower does.

A little run.

He is cute! – It is quite hard! Hey, what's that? This is the Archos also a drone.

Something lighter, as you can see.

And smaller.

– Yes? Is it difficult to control, blowing really go away.

If you do not have much money to spend then this is fun, but if you can afford it somewhat, which is somewhat more reliable.

On the other hand, if you have children with them to start this is an affordable version.

Yes, this battery is empty, it is beautiful that "he stop flying until" he has been discharged As a result, you can still close your video.

I have a red light, so I think I it later also to sit, so to speak.

Hey? – The water is uh.

He wants to be to the left and right.

I say turn it down but.

– If you know how to make him drop.

Ho, ho! Water.

water! Look for I now simply press down.

Keep him then but even so, we go him little lower.

And you can not go down? I love him down.

! Well, we got him.

Beautiful! It's a lot of fun.

Yes, I say four cabins.

He's nice, but I think you inside there anymore until you come right because it is difficult to fly against the wind, so to speak.

He's very bright.

It is nothing, for that matter.

But, can not be compared with the Parrot course.

Well, three huts is' he worth.

And then four, then it is true pretty much.