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Preview of the Intel® Aero Ready to Fly Drone

Preview of the Intel Aero Ready to Fly Drone.

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The Aero Ready to Fly Droneis a UAV developer kit built around the Intel arrowcompute board and Intel RealSense technology.

This quadratic copter is gearedfor application developers, researchers, anddrone enthusiasts who prefer to focus on developingsophisticated drone applications.

It eliminates the strugglesof building and tuning drone flight hardware.

Unlike other developerkits, the Aero Ready to Fly Droneships fully assembled and functional withan integrated flight controller that istuned and calibrated with an included remote controltransmitter and receiver.

The Aero ready to fly droneis powered by the Aero compute board running opensource embedded Linux.

It also includes theAero flight controller, a dedicated microcontrollerwith a six degree of freedom inertial measurementunit and altitude sensor, and it runs an open sourcedrone code PX4 auto pilot.

Topping off the listof integrated hardware is the Intel Aerovision accessory kit.

This includes the IntelRealSense R200 camera, an 8 megapixel RGBcamera facing forward, and a monochrome VGX camera withglobal shutter, facing downward intended for implementingoptical flow algorithms.

All of these components arepre-assembled on a carbon fiber airframe with GPS and compass,electronic, speed controllers, motors, propellers, and aremote control receiver, which is already paired withthe included RC transmitter.

Be sure to check outthe Intel Aero resource pages in the description belowwhere you’ll find the latest software and firmware.

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