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MUSE – DRONES. (Review mit Klaus Kauker) – AktionSorgenschall

Muse, Drones, I'm happy.

After Muse's last album Second Floor tried to, quite unsuccessfully, conquer the dubstep world, today they have delivered ultimate rock, setting their steel strings on fire! This English alternative/progressive Rockband is known for their monumental, symphonic, downright anthemic moments.

Let's see if these 52 minutes have any of those to offer.

The cover-art shows features people being operated like a drone.

Now, I'm excited! Ah, this gated snare makes me relive the 80s.

The first track is "Dead Inside", delivering a rhythm that is timed so computerized that it's lacking any kind of soul.

The song describes the protagonist growing desperate about a dead soul, dying away himself in the end.

So, thematically everything kind of fits perfectly! The only problem: neither rhythm nor melody were able to thrill me.

The music just doesn't deliver anything special.

It could've been a little more for an opener.

Arc of Suspense It doesn't matter if you listen to Drones as an LP, CD or stream, the titles intertwine without leaving gaps and fit together quite well.

Two orations are included, one of a drill sergeant and one by John F.

Kennedy, that are supposed to illustrate the political dimension.

This crushes any kind of leeway for your own fantasy, Yet when we're talking about drones and hollowing out your soul, it kinda fits.

So the structure is quite comfortable, I'd say, the twelve songs deliver enough variety to make you stick around for all 52 minutes.

The topical seriousness is expressed by uncompromising cock-rock riffs, some of them sound so corny, that at times, they almost seem like a parody.

A band like Rage Against the Machine, already did that better, with riffs and soli that were quite similar.

Anybody who knows Muse, knows that frontman Matt Bellamy is an allrounder and multi-instrumentalist.

The range of his singing voice can easily keep up with Queen's frontman Freddy Mercury.

Some choirs and guitars, like they are featured in the rock opera track "Defector“ also remind me of queen and that can never be bad for a music album.

composition Way back, when I analyzed Muse's Olympia song "Survival" on my channel, I was quite surprised I was quite surprised how easily and with how much authority those guys modulate through five keys, All that in just one song! There's no doubt: Muse have the know-how and enough confidence, at least most of the time, to woo us with compository surprises! Yet Drones just doesn't offer enough of that.

Part of the problem is the clichéd rock, that apparently just had to be catered to.

And in parts it's definitely the weak melodies.

They just don't seem to stick.

Yet still, they're constructed all around the songs at great length.

Concerning the lyrics, I would've wished for more poetry.

I had problems finding a single catchy tune.

Did you? I really didn't! Last song.

The last song shares the album's name, "Drones" and is a holy acapella choir fugato.

It could easily be played on the funeral of fallen victims of war.

It could've been a harmonious confusio.

erm conclusion, if it wouldn't lack quality in singing as well as the technique! It's a multi-track recording and the tuning of the instruments, like the volume, was technically enhanced after the recording, which you can hear quite clearly.

Now that is just about excusable for an otherwise perfectly produced record, But hearing this especially on the last track, does really sting.

Conclusion It's a pity that Drones doesn't deliver any ultimate hit.

Their really trying quite hard to hammer the drone problem into our brains, which might be too blunt for some of you.

Yet on the other hand, I really appreciate artists taking a clear political position every once in a while.

The record delivers a full sound, here and there it's virtuosity even surprises and it does stand strong right up to the end.

I'd buy it.

Give this album a spot in your record collection.

And finally, I've reached the endcard.

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