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Liftoff Review: Simulador de Drones de carreras // Liftoff Review: Drone racers simulator

Hi friends of DGDRONE! Today I bring you a video with a recommendation to all those who you want to initiate you into the world of drones, specifically in racers.

Lugus Studios with ImmersionRC and Fatshark have developed Liftoff,a flight simulator racing drones, as accurate and true to real control, you'll feel you're driving a real racing drone.

Through their website you can access the Steam platform from which we can acquire the simulator for both Mac and Windows systems.

Currently The simulator can be purchased with early access, which means that the current price is below the price that will end becasue it does not have all their functions actived yet, but will open up with updates at no charge for those who purchase now.

On the menu we find 5 tabs:Single Player, Multiplayer, Options, Community and Quit.

In the Options you can configure both the sound and graphics, and can even choose the lens size, and configure our rc in the the simulator as the same way as a real drone.

Furthermore, if we are not issuing, we can use the keyboard or set up a PS4 or Xbox controller, and enjoy the simulator as well.

In Single Player you can select Tutorial mode, Free Flight, Race, Workbench or Track Builder.

In the Workbench, we configure our drone completely personalized, choosing from the engines we want to use, the camera, the propeller, the antenna.

and even carrying the battery, indicating the weight, power and all necessary info as the real life.

Having chosen our drone, we can go into Free Flight, we will have the option to choose between flying in the selected scene, or fly at that stage but with a prebuilt circuit scene.

Flying in these scenes we can live the experience of piloting a drone race as it would in real life, being able to select the flight mode between "LEVEL" if you are starting and want to keep the aircraft it level, or "ACRO" for experts seeking reality and acrobatics of a racing drone.

During the flight and for more realism can be activated by keyboard shortcut or from the menu of game options, the classic noise of video signal transmission to the glasses, giving a funny look, but we can turn it off if we want a "clear signal”.

We may also display the movement of our joysticks to know at all times the relationship between our fingers movement and our drone.

Also we can configure parameters to make fine adjustments of our rc and drone.

We have different scenes, from a wheat field, a forest or a garage among others, with different difficulty, which will always find some fun element that hinder us and become a challenge our flights.

Furthermore, to be true to life, shock affect our aircraft, breaking or damaging the propellers, thus hindering their flight as would occur in real life, but we can in the options menu select “God Mode" if we do not want to worry about these contingencies.

In the constructor of circuits we can configure our custom circuits, placing items on the scene and eventually save them to run and test our skills.

In addition, Liftoff gives us the ability to connect to the computer our FPV glasses, and may well have a feeling of total immersion in our flights, and enjoy firsthand what a pilot of racers feels.

Well you know, if you want to feel the thrill of piloting a drone and you like racing simulators, Liftoff is an excellent choice.

Well folks, I hope you enjoyed today's video, you know, the usual, give me a "Like" , subscribe, share and.

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