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KITESURF et DRONES font-ils bon ménage ? | Geek-review

Hey guys! I know that you're someone like me, you're someone who like the new technology: camera, drone, GOPro,.

This video is for you ! We'll talk about this beautiful object: the drone ! This is the drone I use To record and show your kite's sessions, it's the best.

Mine is the DJI Phantom 3 Pro You know that when you kitesurf, it's normal to buy expensive stuff well the drone it's the same price as a kite's wing.

It'll be used over many sessions.

Like the wing.

I bought this one One advantage of this drone is the possibility to putyour smartphone on hte command to see what we are recording It's very useful, the video helps you a lot.

The drone looks like this without the screws.

There's a small bag of screws with the drone, it's very easy to put on.

With this drone, you got a 4k camera to record high quality images.

You can put a SD card in this camera, and record for a long time.

The week point is the battery.

It's been 3/4 years since the drones started to be used a lot and the batteries are still a problem.

You've got around 30 min of fly maximum.

If you record over the water, you don't want to run low in battery it's better to stop the drone before it reaches the limit of 30min to not take the risk of the drone droping in the water.

"If there is wind, I can't use my drone.

" That's what i thought in the beginning.

I just used it when the wind was calm like today but in fact, it's pretty well done if there's no wind, it'll fly like this but, if there's wind, I did it in a 35 knots wind, 35 knots is a little extrem, we'll say around 20/25 knots, it flies pretty food and you can take some really good films.

The camera is stabilized and your drone will incline face to the wind.

Imagine that there's no wind, you can move your camera with the commands here you can move the camera in all directions You can chose to record like a satellite,.

Your drone will tilt to resist the wind and you'll just have to move your camera.

I did some great images at Leucat It was very good, the drone didn't move in the wind and you can film your kite's session.

You'll be able to discover your kite's spot with a new view If you're a videomaker, you do something original, very different.

I'm fan of this, I discover all the things around me there's some videos that show the camping, the beach,.

It's the playlist of drone's videos that you can see here you can find all the videos in this playlist.

You'll see that the beach where I actually am is very different.

On my left is the camping, on my right is the kite's spot you'll see in these videos that it changes a lot there's a video where we did some SUP I like this video a lot.

There's a video of the camping after the storm it's a whole new place.

That was a little video about the drone.

i you like new technology like me, if you need something, it's the drone.

They're all good; The best for you is to have a drone with a camera stabilized because in the wind, it'll move.

I'll end this video with the law point.

You need an authorization to use the drone, because it could be dangerous and you could have problem with privacy policy.

Because of the weight, if it fall down you can possibly hurt people So you'll need a civil liability it covers you if you hurt someone.

You need to have a licence.

This licence changed a little for amators use.

If you're alone, at night, and you want to record and you're far from an airport, you can use your drone.

You must be alone.

If you want a drone, follow the steps go get your licence or use it only in places were there's nobody.

That's it guys ! See you later.