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Drones are cool you know that we’ve got a fresh dronevideo for you the folks over at Autel they saw my last one and they were likelisten we’re about to bring our a-game to unbox therapy and I said let’s do it it’s called x-star premium for a not-sopremium price a very affordable price in fact i first saw that picture I was likeokay kinda interesting little bit flashy you got yourself an orange drone butthen I realized what it’s all about the sky and clouds are white why would you drone be white you want tosee where it is when it’s floating around up there now this unit also has agimbal and camera pre-installed capable 4k X-MORE sensor it’s also gotsome pretty impressive flight time up to 25 minutes 34 miles per hour top speedand you can send it off 1.

24 miles that’s pretty impressive videoresolution 4k up to 30 frames per second if you need more frames you can do so in2.

7 k okay oh yeah also on the frontseven-day-a-week customer support oh wow you can see that the gimbal isinstalled right now but it’s actually removable as well here are yourpropellers silica gel for Jack little lanyard to show your love couple ofantennas at the top here this is where your device goes at the top could be aniphone could be an android device and that’s going to give you your visual ontop of that there’s also an LCD display in that location there that’s going togive you altitudes range battery the battery on the unit comes out like thisi’m guessing what happens here look at that all that’s smart that’s theright way to do it okay so this goes into the battery to charge it up andthen your other connector over here goes into your controller so one power brickfor both units i like that a record button and then a snapshot button forstill image you can appreciate the 4k camera how tiny that thing is in there and it’salso got a microSD card by default pre-installed comes in the box but ofcourse its drone and the fun part is flying it so let’s go do that it’s a simple as powering up this remotepowering on the aircraft then connecting the device it’ll show connected up hereit shows the battery life of the aircraft you also see some conditionslisted over here the wind temperature and precipitation it’s got a gamble onit so that’s sort of this motorized contraption that keeps the cameraincredibly stable sending it up in the air is easy first you start the motors with thisbutton and move over to take off at which point it will just kind of coverthere and then you’re onto the thumbsticks you are steamin through the air here are thephoto settings as well as video settings 4k 24 frames is what we shot it willalso do 4k in 30 frames you can select the ISO shutter speed and then exposurecompensation as well the thing is a pleasure to fly to be honest with youit’s all super straightforward I mean it’s really foolproof to be quitehonest if you haven’t tried to drown before you’ll see what I’m talking aboutit and give this one a shot give it a trial run you’re gonna be addicted justlike I am TR147LO.

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