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Discover the best mini drones – Review and demonstration

Yes? Yes we got it but can you please wrap it in a a less conspicuous package next time? It has been a while that I wanted to show you some mini drones.

So we selected some for you from GearBest.


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The mini drones are designed to be used mostly indoor, the bigger models can be used outdoor when the weather is good without wind.

Hey it is perfect to spy on the neighbour under the sho We agreed on not saying this! We'll start with the Cheerson CX-10, the smallest and the most sturdy of our selection.

This drone is perfect for learning since the controls are the same than bigger drones in manual mode.

With its five to ten meters range it should be used exclusively indoor.

It is supposed to fly 8 minutes on a single charge but in practice it is rather 5 minutes.

And for indescreet spies there is a version with an embeded camera! Here is the second model, very similar to the CX-10.

It is less stable when it flies but it comes with a protection for the propellers.

Which is useless.

True, the propellers are designed to resist basic crashes.

The Hubsan X4 is of better quality, its design, its range, its price and the number of required batteries are way higher.

Unlike the previous models it can be used outside when there is very little wind.

It can fly for 8 min on a single charge and the remote's screen is usefull to make some basic configuration described in the user guide.

The Tarantula X4.

X6 is way bigger and is designed to be used outside.

And again there should be little wind while flying it.

There is a camera available for this drone, it is protected from the vibrations with dampers and can be triggerred through the remote control which is nice.

It can fly for 12 minutes on a signle charge which is way more than the previous models.

The design is nice but it suffers from several cons.

First, the other drones can be charged with an USB adapter, to charge this drone, one must remove the battery using the provided screwdriver and use the wall adapter.

It is not well made and the manual is badly translated, see for yourself.

把百度设为主页关于百度新闻地图视频贴吧登录设置 The propellers are not fixed to the motors but are driven by a gear which is louder and more fragile.

The remote control requires 6 AA batteries to be powered, your wife might get upset when she discover that you are stealing the batteries from the TV remote.

This drone can be set to headless mode which allows the pilot to control it the same way wherever it is facing.

It exists a headless mode version of the CX-10.

Now that we have seen the characteristics we'll fly these drones.

It is the first time I fly a drone so do not laugh.

Since we are going to use many drones at the same time, we'll bind them one by one Please wait one second, I'll bind mine.

It is not binded yet so the front LEDs are flashing.

I turn the remote on and to bind it I must pull the throttle to maxmimum then go back to zero.

Now it is binded, if I apply some throttle the propellers rotate.

Let's see if I got it.

I turn it on, The red LEDs are the back of the drone.

To start I recommend to have the drone facing the same direction than you so that you don't have to worry about the drone's direction.

When you crash, always put the throttle to zero so that you don't break the propellers or the motors.

It is the only rule to learn : when you crash, put the throttle to zero.

This is going to go bad.

The right stick is for the roll and pitch.

The left stick is for throttle and yaw.

This means the remotes are in mode 2.

Let's go! MY LEEEG BWAAAAAAA! These drones don't hurt at all which is a pro compared to bigger drones.

After this first bad attempt, we have a broken propeller so we'll replace it.

These drones are always provided with four spare propellers, you take the drone OUCH! First turn off the drone before changing the propeller.

The propellers have a rotation direction.

Opposite propellers turn on the same direction.

You must check the rotation direction before changing the propeller.

Here the propellers are of opposite rotation direction so it is the other one.

This propeller turns clockwise.

To change a CX-10 propeller you pull it.

Here we go again! And you lost the propellers! I'll try to keep it flying.

You broke a propeller again.

You see that's easy.

I'll take back what I said earlier, the propeller protection is usefull.

for the propellers itselves and for the people around the pilot.

You can buy a protection for the propellers desinged for the CX-10 separatelly.

A looping with the CX-10.

It doesn't look like it but the CX-10 is very manoeuvrable.

The Hubsan X4.


We hope that you enjoyed this video and discovered the great drones from GearBest.

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Thanks for watching and see you soon.