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For those of you that have seen me test all sorts of flyingaircraft over the last several months that we've been together, I promise another rivetinground of drone tests live from our studio.

Well, not live, but it's YouTube and I really appreciate being here.

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Now, the deals, which are all located right under this video window, include micro drones as low as $28 down from $70 with free shipping.

This thing is incredibly durable.

I'm gonna put it throughsome smash tests in a moment.

Then some of the higher gradedrones also part of the mix.

Figured we'd test the leastexpensive of the drones and also the smallest, palm-size.

(drone whirring) Oh, yes.

It goes up really fast.

It's also very, very durable.

I've crashed and slammed thisthing around so many times.

Look at how fast it goes up andthen in terms of its tumble, every single time it comesback it's completely fine.

It does come with extra propellers.

Let's see if we can get alittle bit of a lift off.

We'll come into the light here.

(drone whirring) – [woman] Can't evenfollow it, it goes so fast.

(drone crashing) – That's a light.

Ah, it's stuck.

Anyhow, you get the idea (laughing).

I don't (laughing).

– [woman] Woops.

– It's been rescued andit's still flying, woo.

Now, in terms of flying.

Let's turn you to go this way.

(drone whirring) My flying is terrible,but it is definitely the most durable drone.

I don't know about you,but that was super fun.

In terms of the other items, this is the slightly larger spy drone.

This does have a picture and video camera.

Some of the bad boys, which again, many of our subscribers already have from my Cyber Monday giveaway.

The price drops that you see are legit.

One other thing, as I'vebeen enjoying this remote.

David, I don't know if you can catch this.

If you're wondering if thistech is from years ago, this has a 2015 manufacture date, July.

I'm not trying to pawn off pieces of garbage from 11 years ago.

I test everything.

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