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Best Drone for the Money! Autel X-Star Premium Drone Review

– What's up Tech Squad? Andru Edwards here,editor-in-chief of GearLive.

Com And we are quickly headedto the holiday season.

Actually, it's already the holiday season but we're in the final stretch.

If you're still lookingfor that perfect gift, for a loved-one of yours or quite frankly, somethingto pick up for yourself.

I've got the perfect thing for you.

Drones are quickly gaining in popularity, but some people think they'reprohibitively expensive and others think that onceyou get over the price hurdle, the learning curve is just too much in order to get control of the drone.

So in this video I wantedto introduce you to a drone that addresses all that and more.

This is the Autel X-Star Premium and it's made by a companywhose headquarters are literally about four miles thatway here near Seattle.

I'm gonna tell you all about it.

But just know if you'reinterested in picking one up, I'm gonna leave a link downin the description below.

The Autel X-Star Premium hasall the features you'd find in a much more expensive drone and has enough autonomousfeatures built-in, so that the learningcurve is almost nothing.

You're gonna be a pro flying this thing in under ten minutes.

So, in this video I'm gonnabring you the top five reasons that I think the Autel X-Star Premium is the drone to go out and buy right now, especially due to the recentprice drop, and again, link down in the description below.

Let's get started! Alright, first feature rightoff the bat is flight time.

When using a drone battery, life is key.

You don't wanna be outside spending the majority of your time with your drone down on the ground because you're havingto charge it yet again.

The Autel X-Star Premiumrocks a 25-minute flight time.

And I always recommend pickingup an extra battery or two.

That way when you run out of juice, you can quickly swap outand get back in the air.

With that said, at 25 minutes, this is one of the best flight times you'll find on a consumer drone.

Next up, the built-in 4K Ultra HD camera.

So aside from being up in the air for fun, the main thing you'regonna do with your drone is capture video.

Obviously here heading into 2017 4K has made a big leapin the last 12 months.

Coming to virtually everysmart phone and every TV.

And in this category, the Autel X-Star Premium is no different.

So as you're flying, you're capturing thatpremium, crisp 4K footage, which as you can see here in these clips looks pretty amazing.

And also that 4K camera leads me right into thenext feature that I love which is the three-axis gimbal.

On flagship smartphones we haveoptical image stabilization that makes the 4K footagetaken on those phones look much better.

You remove that shakiness and the bumpiness from moving around.

And you just can't help it.

You're not gonna be ableto hold your camera still as a human being, and drones are actually no different.

When they're up in the airthere's wind, there's turbulence, and you're not gonna get a stable shot.

To eliminate that you need adrone with a three-axis gimbal.

That's what smooths thingsout and gets rid of the shake.

The Autel X-star Premium doesa fantastic job at doing that.

And as you can see here,the footage is super smooth.

So for me, if you'regonna pick up a drone, this is a feature that is a must-have.

Alright, the next big featureon the Autel X-Star Premium is being able to control itfrom up to 1.

2 miles away.

And this one still blows my mind because what that means is Ican step into my back yard, turn the drone on and send it a mile away while still being able to monitor the footage it's capturingright on my smartphone, or on the included remote control.

So despite it being thatfar away from my location.

I can still monitor it withthe HD live view feature.

And then, even coolerthan that, once I'm done and I want it to come back to me, all I need to do is press one button and the drone will fly back to my precise location on its own.

So not only is this a drone but we're actually reachingrobot territory here.

And this is all thanks in part to dual built-inGPS and GLONASS navigation.

And last up in my top five features, I know this is gonna be a bit unorthodox because it's not a tech feature so much as I think it's a smart feature, and that is the color option.

So yes, you can get the AutelX-Star Premium in white.

You can get a lot of drones in white.

It looks nice, looks clean, no big deal.

But you can also pick it up in orange.

Now if you've been watchingme for any length of time you probably know that orange is my jam.

But it's not becauseorange is my favorite color that makes this a big feature for me.

When you think about it, when you're out andabout flying your drone, the backdrop that you haveis the sky and the clouds.

And the clouds, moreoften than not, are white.

So when you're flyinga white drone up there, especially when you getto super high altitudes, it's pretty easy to lose track visually of where the drone is.

However, if you have a brightorange drone up in the air, it's much easier tokeep track of the drone just using your eyesight.

So to me it just adds to the ease of use of flying the drone.

Oh and if you're not sold just yet, here's one more bonus feature.

You can even use the Autel X-Star Premium to prepare a Thanksgiving feast.

No seriously, the guys at Autelused one of their own drones to prepare a meal as you can see here.

So there you have it guys, my top five features of theAutel X-Star Premium drone.

Again, I'm leaving you a linkdown in the description below if you're interested in picking one up.

But now I wanna hear from you guys.

Let me know what footage you'd capture if you were to pick up a drone.

Or if you already own a drone, tell me about some of your favorite things that you've recorded.

Drop a comment below and I'll meet you therefor further discussion.

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Thanks for watching.

I'm Andru Edwards and I'llcatch you in the next video.

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