How to Register Your Drone? – Registration Requirements

Why is it important to know how to register your drone? Well, by now you all know that we will have to register our drones, quadcopters, and every other flying engine (except kites) to FAA (Federal Aviation Administration). I am connected to a lot of the drone and quadcopter community and I can easily see that most of us did not like this idea. Well, the sad thing is that we don’t have anything to do now if we want to avoid the charges and fines. Therefore, today, we will tell you how to register your drone. The process is not tough and it will make your flying experience completely tension-free. Let’s know more.

How to Register Your Drone

How to Register Your Drone

Does it Apply to My Quadcopter?

Well, in short, the answer is yes. It applies to any flying object with an engine from December 21st, 2015. If you have a quadcopter that is within a weight range of 9 ounces to 50 pounds (they covered it all), you will have to register it to avoid fines. This rule was made public this Monday and it is activated from 21st December. So yes, it applies on your drone, on your quadcopter, and on everything that has an engine to fly.

How to Register Your Drone?

Well before describing the main process, let’s know the story. In the last six months, around 100 pilots reported to FAA that they saw drones and quadcopters from their cockpit and according to them, it was risky and FAA should do something about it.  This was the start.

A few months back, FAA asked a group of Pilots, drone, and quadcopter manufacturers & retailers whether it is a good idea to impose registration rules on consumers. Fortunately or unfortunately, most of them said that it was a brilliant idea and they also suggested that the drones should have a unique identification number on their body so that they can track the owner if it hits an aircraft and crushes it. FAA listened to them and they announced that everyone will have to register their drones.

Now let’s register our drones…

To register, you will have to go to this Drone Registration link. We are writing this post on 22nd December and the site is already down. When we did small research that why the FAA registration link was down, they told us it was because of heavy traffic. Around 45,000 users registered their drones in the last 24 hours and it crashed their server. The link will be up within the next 24 hours, according to the sources.

Anyway, after you visit that link, you will be asked to give your name, address & email address to get registered. The process is super simple now as it is just the start. We believe things will get more complicated later on.

How Much Does it Cost to Register My Drone?

FAA announced that it will be free to register your drone till January 21st, 2016 which means that the registration is free for the first 30 days. We recommend that you register early to make sure that you don’t have to pay that extra money. Well, fortunately, it is not a lot. You will have to pay $5 to register per drone/quadcopter after January 21st, 2016.

What if I Don’t Register?

The civil penalty for not registering your drone or quadcopter is huge. It can go up to $27,000 USD. If you perform a criminal activity then the fine may go up to $250,000 USD. Along with that, you may also get a three-year prison if the criminal activity is something serious.

Final Words

It will be a good idea to register guys. There is no point in delaying it and it is in everyone’s best interests. So we recommend all of you register your drones as soon as possible. Also, remember that all the other rules of FAA are still active such as not flying within 5 miles of an airport or flying your quadcopter within 400 feet of distance, or always keeping the copter within eyesight. Also, when you are buying a quadcopter, you should not buy one that is weighted for more than 55 pounds (don’t worry, you won’t buy one that is weighted more than 55 pounds). Enjoy flying your registered quadcopters guys.

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