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Yuneec Q500 Gimbal Review

Hi am Charles with Connor pictures andin this video, I just wanted to share my firstexperiences with the Yuneec Q500 now I’ve heard it pronounced several ways and actually heard someone call it a (mispronounced) Eunuch Q500 and I kind of laughed because if youdon’t know, a Eunuch is a castrated man so youprobably don’t want to go around saying that you have a Eunuch Q500 because you might raise afew eyebrows.

However it is pronounced Yuneec (like unique).

Just to give you a littlebackground history on the company They were founded in Hong Kong in1999, and they’re still the world leader andElectric aviation.

however now they have branched out intothe RC model aircraft.

or what they like to call APV and thatstands for (Aerial Photography Video) system and to me that sounds alittle less intimidating, than telling someone you fly drone.

Oh there are some people right there.

They got a little kick out of seeing me flying this thing.

“Hey Guys” Now theoretically this is a clear field, there was nobody out on the field, but they just happen to beso intriguing they decided to walk right up underneath it.

but as you can see, when you make inkind of a turn its smooth.

There’s no herky jerkymovements, very fluid.

I like to call this a dolly in the sky, but check out the panhere it’s incredibly slow and smooth.

I wasimpressed Now I put this still image in here becauseI wanted to show you the quality of the pictures that come out this camera.

Now they’re 12 megapixels and I was frankly amazed.

Now another thing people ask a lot of questions about is thevideo quality It is a 1080P camera that shoots 60 frames per second it will also shoot 50 frames per secondand it will shoot 48 frames per second.

Now mind you this footage is straight from the camera.

It has not been put into post-production at all, so no warp stabilizer or any of thattype of thing.

Can you use those? I’m sure you can if you want to.

I don’t really think you need to.

And with60 fps typically you can slow it down a little bit, but you can’t slowit down too much because then you start droppingframes and your footage will skip around alittle bit, won’t look good, be ruined.

Now here’s a pretty cool part on this is a new feature called “followme” and this they will actually follow you wherever you go.

Now keep in mind this aircraft willmaintain a constant altitude and it cannot detect obstacles so if youdecide to move to higher ground you gonna have to take that intoconsideration.

But I thought I was incredibly accurate Don’t critique me on my runningskills I’m not a track star here (laughing) But I tried to move from side to side justto see if that this thing would track me pretty well and it did.

now I did in this part, if you noticed,I tricked it.

I ran towards it behind it thinking itmay turn however did not do that.

It did realizethat I was not in frame and it sped up backwardsand got me back in frame so that’s pretty cool! I have to say I’m prettyimpressed with the Follow Me feature I think that ispretty neat, however I would like to see in the future maybe they come out with some type of a device you can either clip on your belt or put in your pocket, So youre nothaving to run around with a big honkin white remove controller in your hand,just in case you know you want to use that in some typeof video footage.

Now you see right there on that left hand sidethat flickering shadow effect at the top there I don’t know how to get rid of thatother than flight it away from the Sun.

Some peoplelike lens flare and then I was reading up on that on theInternet and found out that is actually the propellers creating a shadow over the lens ofthe camera.

If anybody knows how to fix that or may be correct and post pleaselet me know, because it really ruins your footage.

And every now and then you will see theblades of the APV you know cut into the frame alittle bit, but you know you can you can deal with thatjust a little bit of cropping will get rid of that.

nNw once again this was all flown inangle mode or attitude mode with still using GPS.

Ididn’t do any manual flying what so ever because i was just really trying to get afeel for the APV Now as far as the warping or the fish eye Iook goes with these cameras it’s not that bad on the Q500 however I would like to see Yuneec come outwith a camera that is slightly less wide angle or maybe even azoom camera now I have been told they are coming outwith a 4k camera and gimbal system I’m that you can attach basically you can take this one off theQ500 and then you can apply different camera.

And alsothey’re coming out with a gimbal that supports the GoPro cameras.

So if youre a GoPro enthusiast.

One thing I notice right out thebat is this APV is extremely quiet unlike so of the other ones out there that soundlike an angry hornets nest.

This one you canhardly hear and I was frankly amazed.

It would be very easy touse this for event videographer your photography withoutdisturbing the people there so just take that intoconsideration.

but here again, you can just tell the footage is smooth, accurate there’s no jerkiness going on there’s no jello, any of that.

Its good stuff now I’m not claiming to be a know it allprofessional aerial videographer or photographer so if there’s anything you might through myway as far as tip that I can do better please let me knowin your comments below For the price and the value in what you’regetting in this system it is a great piece of kit.

Well I hope thisvideo has helped you in some way get a better understanding as far as howwell the camera and the gimbal work in this system.

I’m excited I can’t wait touse it more in the future I had no problems on this was actuallyone of the first flights I did straight out the box and frankly it just worked.

So if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below and like and subscribe And I will see you soon!.

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