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Drone Yuneec Breeze 4K Review y Unboxing (Español). Alternativa al DJI Mavic Pro?

Hi! How you doing? Today I’m making a video a bit different because since I have been such a good boy this year, Papa Noel has left me an early gift or Santa Claus, whatever you call him.

So I’m going to show you what he left me which is right here.

It comes from Yuneec and it’s a drone I have chosen this drone that is called Yuneec Breeze I have taken this one because its very small and light to travel with which is the most important for me and also because it records in 4k and 1080p.

and it takes 13Mp pictures which is very nice jpeg, it doesn’t take pictures in RAW as the DJI It comes in this small box, so the drone must be really small too.

you’ll see it now and let’s see what’s inside the box inside the box there’s a plastic case that I guess it’s where the drone is because it doesn’t fit here spare propellers because they must think I’m going to crash, but I won’t Instruction manuals, because they think I don’t know how to control it, and I do and here comes a power cord, an USB cable and.

A battery charger because they believe I will charge it but I won’t.

and this is the case it’s a case made of hard plastic, pretty tough, pretty small.

This may be.

maybe 20×20 cm? I don’t know.

and here comes the drone, with another set of propellers already installed.

Here’s the battery, this set came with only one but I read in the internet that some sets come with 2 batteries but this one came with one, and these are the protections for the propellers.

The truth is that the drone is really really light, not even 1 Kg, this might weigh no more than 500gr.

it comes already with the propellers installed and everything it has foldable legs so you can put it on the ground and 1 battery, the battery lasts 10 minutes only according to what I’ve read and that’s not enough to really fly, but it’s ok, I will have to buy another one you put it in the back and you turn it on right here keep pressing for a moment it works wth a phone, you control it with the phone, it doesn’t have a controller.

Here’s the satellite receptor and here’s the infra red camera to measure the distance, the altitude.

and here’s the camera which is really small.

The worst thing about this drone that almost made me not buy it is.

that it doesn’t have gimbal, so it doesn’t have any stabilization.

the 4K video is barely usable because without any stabilization, a video in the middle of a flight is unusable.

because it’s going to be the whole time.

Even though it doesn’t move a lot, or the device is really stady, the video os going to look shaky Anyway you can do that, record the video in 4K and then stabilize it in post production and cut it and maybe you get a 1080.

which is what the drone actually does in the 1080p mode.

what it does is like that, record in 4K and then the drone itself cuts the edges and then you get the 1080 sbilized That’s what I find to be the worst about this drone.

but the drone is really small, as big as my hand and very light, very very light, even with the battery in, it doesn’t weigh much.

and that’s the reason why I bought it because I need a drone that I can take everywhere with me to travel and that it films myself automatically while I take the pictures.

and this drone is perfect for that, in fact it’s called selfie drone.

as automatic flight modes it has the selfie mode, that makes the drone lift and it holds the position and then you can take pictures or record yourself.

then it has another mode that is the orbit mode in that mode you are in the center and the drone goes around you automatically I’m going to use it while I take pictures of some place I have the drone going around me and that makes a really cool shot, with me in the center and everything else moving around.

then it has another mode which is the travel mode, or journey mode as the app says and that makes that you set the distance that you want the drone to go to, and the drone automatically flies there, for example 25m if you set 25m, it leaves and then comes back to the inicial position automatically and that’s useful if you want to be doing something else and make the drone take a shot of you further away and then getting closer or the other way around.

and then it has the follow me mode where the drone follows you and tries to keep its distance and finally the Pilot mode, where you can control it manually on the phone you have 2 controllers, 2 joysticks and you just fly it.

the max distance is 100m and the max altitude is 80m because it works with wifi so you can’t take as far as a DJI that they can go 700 or 800m away It’s cheap, the price is around 425 euros compared to the DJI Mavic that is around 1200 euros which was my other solution.

because more than anything I want a light drone and small, this one I can pack it in any suitcase or any backpack this I don’t think I’ll be taking it because it takes a lot of room but the drone I can put it in any backpack and that’s for me is the most important, to be able to take it anywhere so what I’m going to do is test it because I’m so excited, so let’s go!!.

Source: Youtube