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Syma X5UW – Flight and Review

Hi all I will introduce the new Syma X5UW this drone is equipped with a 720P camera for fpv that with the smartphone application will allow you to have the video back include in this kit a notice the drone alternative propellers a smartphone holder the radio protection of propellers, a charger and a screwdriver a battery here is it is possible to order the rac, not included in the kit to charge up to 3 lipos same time the camera wifi 720p I advice before you start assembling your drone or watch this video to charge your battery count for this 3.

7V 500 mAH about 1 hour charge for a few minutes flight you can also add propeller protection if needs and connect this camera to come under the drone then clipped the camera is equipped with an original 4GB memory card a total weight in flying order of 120 Gr the radio works with LR4 batteries has a trape to come and fix the bracket for smartphone found above the button on / off the joystick a video button and the other photo the button takeoff / landing and the 3D button to enjoy the fpv download the app Syma FPV for the joystick on the smartphone to download the application Syma GO ‘Little test indoor’ automatic on button automatic off bouton after all these explanations is left for a test flight.

Source: Youtube