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Syma X5C BEST RC Quadcopter with Camera for $42 Flight Review

Hi everyone my name is Erik.

Today i’mgoing to review the Syma X5C.

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Thanks guys.

I’ll be going overeverything that i liked, didn’t like and i’ll show you how it performs outside,some tips on flying and some video from the onboard camera.

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Syma did a great job with the X5Cand the X5, really the only difference is the C model comes with the camera it looks a lot like the DJI Phantom andhas a lot of the features that you would normally find on a more expensivequadcopter.

Now the DJI is an amazing quadcopter and there’s really nocomparison between the two.

The DJI is a hobby grade and the X5C is toygrade.

But for the price i think it’s the perfect quadcopter for someone who wantsto get all of those features or as many of those premium features as possiblefor the least amount of money.

Or someone who’s wanting to learn to fly a moreexpensive quadcopter but first want to start out with a more durable andin-expensive model.

The landing skids and blade guards feel a little flimsy butoverall the quadcopter is very rugged.

It’s so lightweight that the parts canwithstand harder crashes compared to heavier quadcopters.

Now the blade guards actually do a really good job.

They not only protect from walls andtrees but they also protect the blades from rough landings and prevent theblades from hitting the ground.

You see here that a little bit curved upso when it hits the ground it just kind of roles in lanes right side up it’spretty cool.

They do weigh it down some and thequadcopter will fly just a little bit better without them.

They’re held on with a little screw andthe camera removes really easy as well in case you want to make it fly at peakperformance.

So to remove the camera you’re justgoing to pull it out here, lift up and then there’s going to bethere’s two screws through two tiny screws here and here and then in thefront there’s like a little clip.

So you’re going to un screw it and then push it forward,and then unplug it from the body of the quadcopter and it will come right off.

And i think the battery compartmentspretty cool I think it adds like a really nice sleek characteristic to thisquadcopter.

To get into the battery you just pull back lift up and thenthere’s your battery right in there.

And to bind it, all you have to do is turn on the controller.

Make sure the throttles down.

Turn on your quad when you see itflashing like that, that means its binding so go ahead and bring thethrottle up all the way up until you hear that beep and bring it down and now thelights are solid and thats when you’re ready to go.

Even if this is your first time flying,the Syma X5C will make a good beginners quadcopter.

If you’ve been thinking aboutbuying maybe a DJI phantom or a parrot drone get the X5C or the X5 and takea couple hours to really learn the flight characteristics.

The bright green and red orientationlights on the bottom of the arms are a very nice touch.

These lights help a ton when flyingoutside especially when the Sun starts going down.

The further away you fly theharder it is to distinguish what direction your quadcopter is pointing.

Now with airplanes you have an obvious shape that you can see a greaterdistances and what makes X5C even better is the frosted covers that diffuse thelight from the LEDs making it even easier to see.

It’s a feature that summer really nailedwith this one the camera is ok.

It’s what I expectedfrom a sixty-dollar quadcopter.

Now if you get the X5 without the camera it is about 10 bucks less so really thecamera doesn’t add much value to the quadcopter.

I was hoping for more of awide angle view though.

Now unfortunately the camera is pointed down and if you’retoo close to the ground it’s really hard to see what’s going onand it doesn’t do that well in low light but if it is a bright day and if you’reflying up high you can get some decent pictures and video footage.

I really like how you can control thecamera from the transmitter to record and take pictures.

Just press the trim tab on the throttlewhich is the left side of the control this will activate the camera.

Pushingthe trim up we’ll take a picture and pushing it down will start the video.

And to give you a comparison of a coupleother HD cameras.

Here’s the Hubsan X4 footage which Ireviewed previously.

And here’s footage from the mobius action camera.

And theis is attached on top of my Radian UMX Radian glider.

I reviewed both the Mobius camera andthe Hubsan X4 on my channel so be sure to check those out.

The six axis gyro isgood it does help with stability.

It feels pretty stable in mode 1 whichis the slower mode.

Mode 2 this thing can really pick up speed so be careful flying on windy days.

I recommend tapinga little piece of paper to the bottom with your contact information just incase the wind takes it away.

A common way people lose theirquadcopters is by flying up high and not knowing which direction it’s pointed.

Nowit seems obvious but when you’re up high fighting strong winds it can be verydisorienting and your quadcopter can drift away very quickly, quicker than youthink.

You have to remember that as you fly above the trees the wind is stronger than what you feelon the ground and oftentimes blows in different directions.

So it can be veryconfusing, you might be fighting the wind and actually flying backwards and then youtry to readjust and fly the other way and now you’re flying like three timesas fast.

So just be careful when its windy out.

Ifyou’re learning to fly I always say this but keep it low andover the grass until you’re comfortable with the controls.

Now the range does seem kind ofoverstated to me from what’s advertised.

Now I know that has a lot to do withthe situation and where you’re at how many radio channels or radio towers byyou but I’m getting around 20 meters.

Now I’ve heard of some people gettingclose to 50 meters.

Maybe they’re out in the field and there’snot a lot of communication going on in the airwaves.

I don’t know but I think this has a lotto do with your terain and nearby radio towers.

Now the great thing is the sparebatteries are very affordable.

They cost around five bucks a piece.

You can buy one or there’s also packs ofthem all include links in the description below where you can find thecorrect ones to use with the X5c.

So that’s my review on the Syma X5C, I reallyenjoyed this quadcopter you guys have any questions please leavethem in the comments down below i’ll do my best to get back to you as quickly aspossible and please subscribe if you like myvideo I appreciate those sums up goodbye.

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