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Parrot Bebop 2 – Tutorial #3 – Record

In this video, you’ll learn how to use your Bebop 2 as a flying camera.

By default, the Bebop 2 is in video mode In this mode, the drone starts recording as soon as it takes off The Bebop 2 records in 1080p at 30 frames per second By moving your drone in space, you can create smooth travellings Forwards Backwards Sideways (Lateral) You can also make elevations The yaw of the drone also allows you to shoot panoramic rotations To control the camera’s orientation Swipe to finger on the piloting interface in the opposite direction of the desired orientation Double tap the piloting interface with 2 fingers to center the camera in ace mode, control the camera by using your right thumb on the joystick This innovative numerical camera orientation system allows you to record vertically Once you’re familiar with the differents drone & camera movements, you can start combining them in order to create more complex travellings The Bebop 2 can also take photos high resolution photos Activate the photo mode in the recording settings and choose DNG hen, go back to the piloting interface and just press on the “Photo” icon.

The photo captured in this mode are in fish-eye format.

You can edit them using editing softwares in order to get pro-level shots! In order to fine tune the color balance, go to image settings in the parameters To increase or reduce the exposure of your videos or photos slide the cursor located on the left vertical bar To change the saturation, slide the cursor located on the right vertical bar At the end of the recording, you will find your videos and photos in the internal memory of your Bebop 2 Select the videos and photos you wish to download and click on Transfert You can also retrieve or erase your videos and photos by connecting your Bebop 2 to your computer using the micro USB cable provided In order to do so, the battery of the Bebop must be inserted and the drone turned on.

Source: Youtube