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Parrot Bebop 2 – Tutorial #1 – Set-up

In this tutorial, you will learn how to Setup your Bebop 2 for its first flight First, install the propellers by placing them on the motors.

The polarized propellers should help you Lock the propellers using the supplied mounting tool Download the free FreeFlight 3 app on your tablet or smartphone Insert the battery by sliding it forwards until the latch located on the back of the battery makes a clicking sound Press on the on/off button of the Bebop On your tablet or smartphone, go to “Settings” and activate Wi-Fi then choose the Wi-Fi network of your Bebop 2  Launch the FreeFlight 3 app in order to connect your drone Make sure that your Bebop 2 is updated.

If it’s not, follow the instructions given by the application.

At the end of the update, you’ll be ask to restart your drone.

The rebooting should take about 2 minutes.

You’ll have to calibrate your drone’s magnetometer before its first flight To do so, reproduce the movements shown by the app You are now ready to take off !.

Source: Youtube