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Phantom 3 we find on the market in several types, Professional, Advanced i Standard and it is this third model, today we will deal Besides Fact slight difference Scales lack of sensors, worse camera Shorter-range, completely different equipment But how much? from what we can see the manufacturer provides us with other apparatus (other than phantomie and pro adv) As the producer says we should control our thanks to her drone to 500 meters.

Which is often dependent on the weather Sorry but the appearance of equipment transferred from the Phantom 2, makes not be posted on the device more than 6 inches So the product is mainly directed to holders of good phones Speaking of phones in question is to get a live preview of our drone, we will need to use the application DJI GO, available in the store play The application is quite demanding so you will need quite a quick phone call offering approximately 1GB of RAM The application saves the transmission of the flights in the phone, but better quality recordings can be found in the SD card installed in Droni.

Record the entire flight at full resolution it takes about 7GB And since we are already the subject of flight, this one battery can fly for about 20 minutes The manufacturer says 25 minutes, but it is a full time flight, assuming that unload the battery fully or activates emergency landing, which usually starts at 10% battery charge.

So landing should try on having about 20% battery charge.

unlike the Phantom pro, this model and receive adv included charger that will charge the battery in about one and a half hours, which is longer than 1/3 of the charger attached to the Phantom professional camera which get installed in Droni is slightly worse than the camera installed in phantomie professional, because it offers recordings 2.

7k (2704×1520) and FHD (1920×1080) at 30 frames per second, but HDready support is already in 60FPS And what about the drone? in my personal opinion, it is very pleasant to use.

so simple that it can fly it all, even fourteen but does that mean you should buy it czternastolatkowi for Christmas? I do not think, after the samy fact that 2000PLN the gift is a slight exaggeration to fly although simple, can often be completed accident As for accidents, I think a lot Phantom advantage is its strength, often fall into the wires, whether on the wall before it falls apart which of course does not recommend the test, but it can be considered a significant advantage The first time I flew equipment, shook my hand, I was afraid that the flight will be difficult as flying poorly calibrated RC helicopter What surprised me the flight was stable, even wind up to certain limits he was not able to knock it out of position So us answer the question section, is that really worth I think that if you are planning to take flights for longer distances you will have to spend more on 1500zł Phantom 3 pro, 1000zł or more, Phantom advanced however, if you take enough of 500 meters at a speed oscillating at around 10m / s This is the drone, is for you.

Unfortunately it is not able to offer us recording 4k, or install it on UV filters he does not have the sensors on the underside nor will it allow the installation on the tablet controller in contrast to other drones from the third series DJI Phantom While all this compensates us a price which now fluctuates at around 2000zł.

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