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ELEPHANTOM Review. Hand-held steadycam for DJI Phantom drones

Hi guys I just wanted to share with you howhappy I am about the present I received in the mail this morningand here it is, this is the ELEPHANTOM, and you say "waaaah is the ELEPHANTOM?!" well,the ELEPHANTOM is a tool for my Phantom, I have a Phantom 2V+ with a stabilizer gimbaland camera, and.

"what does this do?", well you hook it up to your Phantom.

'cause yourPhantom is great for aerial shots.

With this gimbal, and with this camera, the gimbal stabilizesthe image so good, that you can do like this in the air, and you get a steady steady image.

Very good gimbal.

So why not use it for ground shots too?And some Phantom users, are trying to use it on the ground.

They hold it with one hand,they hold the remote with the cell phone or table with the other, and they try to do groundshots too, but that's not very practical.

That is why they've created this thing.

You hook it up here, and you hook it up on the back,you put your phone here so you can see what you are filming,and that is it! its very sturdy, very steady.

You use the gimbal and the camera on yourPhantom to get great steady ground shots with it.

You don't need an external gimbal and externalcamera.

Because if you wanna do ground shots withanother camera, you've gotta bring another camera, you've gotta have another camera.

And, if you wanna do it with this quality, you have to have a hand-held gimbal, and thatis very expensive.

So, why buy another gimbal when you have agreat gimbal and a great camera with your Phantom already?So, why not use your Phantom for ground shots? That was a very nice idea.

I don't know whocame up with it but its a very nice product.

And my first impressions with it.

(I'm gonnatake it off and disassemble it, so you can know how it arrives.

it dissembles and assemblesvery fast).

It arrives completely unassembled.

And youjust.

they have this little snap-on connections.

You hook it up here.

and, in the Tusks – theycall this the Tusks, because they wordplay saying this is an Elephant and ELEPHANTOM,so they call this the Face, the Tail and the Tusks.

The tusks have a very cool system for snapping-on.

Because they hold only on the top so, youcan snap it on here like this.

And when they have the weight of the cell phone on them,it gets very sturdy, you can't move them.

But when you want to remove them quickly,you just push them up.

and it removes them, very quick.

So it very well thought out this snap-on system and tusks are very well thought.

And I was a bit scared, because when I first assembled it, it looks a little bit flimsy.

Look,it can move.

i was like "wow , this is not cool".


then, when I snapped it to the Phantom, check it out: what this does is creates tensionon the snap-ons, so you can't move it! When it's snapped on you can't move it, its verywell thought.

You can't move this thing.

And check it out, another thing:"how doesthis holds to the Phantom?" In the front it as this little.

They callit Ears probably because this is the face, i don't know.

And on the back, check this out, I wan't to see if you can ear this, check it out:Can you ear this? Because the tail (they call it the Tail) usesthe slots on your battery, to hold it self together to your Phantom! So its a very goodidea.

They use the slots themselves to hold the Elephantom and the Phantom together.

It'sa very cool idea.

And I was very pleased with the results – Idon't have a movie yet, but I will test it this afternoon and I will share the moviewith you.

Since I already tried to do some movies withmy Phantom hand-held: I would held the Phantom with one hand, and the remote with the phonewit the other hand.

It wasn't very cool but I got some good movies.

So with this, I'llprobably get the better.

I'm very anxious to see.

This is Printed PLA this material, so is bio-friendly.

Its not plastic its PLA.

And they sell it in several colors.

But they have an option: since its 3D printed, andthey have one at a time color on the printer, if you choose RANDOM color its cheaper, and theysend you the color they are printing right now, and that's the cheaper version.

If you really need a specific color, then you can pay a little extra, and they willchange the filament on the printer just for you, and you get the color you want.

I've chosen RANDOM, I didn't wanted to spend an extra cent, but I was hopping for RED tomach my stripes.

But now that I've got this, I'm really lovingthis blue, because its not a solid blue.

Its kind of a translucid blue, so what I'm gonnado? I'm gonna change the strips to the blue ones, and I'll be much happier with this.

So its a very nice buy, it assembles very fast, its very sturdy (I wasn't hoping forthat), it holds my phone very good – I don't have a tablet, but on the promo video theydo it with a tablet too, and it seams cool.

Its a very cool product, I can't wait to tryit.

I use one of those Phantom backpacks.

Youdisassemble this, you put it on the backpack, and you take it everywhere.

It doesn't takeanymore space, and it works great.

I will try to do a movie, and I'll post itafter so you can see.

Thank you.