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DJI Spark — In Depth Review [4K]

Hey, look what I have here! It's DJI Spark.

A palm sized drone that you can control with your palm.

Cue the music! Look at this thing.

It is tiny.

It weighs 300g which is 0.

66 lbs It is less than half the weight of Mavic Pro Which is 734g Spark is so light that it is almost below FAA's requirement to register a drone Which is 0.

55 lbs But when you feel it It is sturdy.

Feels like it is packed with technology which actually is It can go up to 31mph (50kph) It has forward sensors And downward sensors and 3D Sensing in this part.

So it avoids obstacles, it has precision hovering, has precision landing, return home and Intelligent flight modes This thing has a gimbal And the camera on that gimbal has 25mm f/2.

6 lens 12MP, 1/2.

3’’ CMOS Sensor And it can shoot full HD 1920×1080 30FPS video It has a 1480mAh LiPo 3S (3 cell) battery that gives Spark 16 minute flight time.

You can control it with it's own remote controller that is going to come out soon or you can use your phone, or your palm.

With remote control it has 2000m range.

and with WiFi the range is 80m in distance and 50m in height And it works with DJI Goggles.

Spark sounds like a perfect first time drone So now let’s see what this toy can do! To fly spark in the palm mode, you need to turn on the drone point it towards your face and double click the power button When spark detects a face, the front lights turn green spark makes a beeping sound then the propellers start turning and it slowly takes off from your hand.

Then, when you put your palm up after the front lights turn green it starts following your palm.

You can rotate, you can push, pull, bring it higher and lower.

And when you put your palm underneath the Spark, it gently lands into your palm Even work with the hat.

Actually not just hat.

Beard, sunglasses and hat Perfect! I have to warn you about palm take off and landing.

Use propeller guards until you know what you’re doing.

Propellers are no joke.

This when my Phantom 4 Pro kissed my hand.

Propellers are ridiculously fast spinning breakfast knives.

So be careful.

Don’t end up in a youtube drone fails video.

(Pointing at IronPatriot's hand)Does that mean? Come on, come on! Turn green, yeah! Yeah! Come this way.

Way to go IronPatriot And apparently it works with this as well.

Now let's take a look at couple of quickshots QuickShots is a new intelligent mode that comes with Spark.

It allows you to shoot 4 different style 10 second videos clips Now let's try Dronie.

Every quickshot mode tracks a target while performing a different maneuver.

In Dronie, Spark is tracking me while flying backwards and upwards, creating this beautiful shot This kind of shot normally requires quite a lot of experience to perform manually.

But with spark, those days are gone.

That was dronie now let's try something else.

So easy to fly by the way.

Let's try circle.

In the circle mode Spark circles around the target.

And the radius of that circle is the distance between the drone and the target when you hit go and start the circle mode Now it is circling around me.

And I can see myself being tracked on the phone as well.

Let's try Helix.

In the Helix Mode, Spark flies away upwards and spiraling.

I don’t think I can perform this shot manually this smooth at all.

Where are you going little fella? Now let's try Rocket.

And in the Rocket mode Spark ascends while pointing the camera downwards Spark also has Active Track, tapfly.

Let's see, I tap there, hit go.

It starts going.

Tripod mode.

Moves super slow.

Also besides palm control gesture mode works like you’d expect.

Move to get noticed, raise your arms to get tracked, do that gesture with your hand, get your photo taken.

Another cool feature this has is called Shallow Focus.

Let's select shallow focus, now let's move the camera there and have the pier in the background When I hit take photo It goes up and down a little bit and it says "Shallow Focus successful" And after you shoot the shallow focus photo you go into your photos as you can see it is indicated with this aperture logo and I can select this.

It is downloading, creating a shallow focus photo.

It is focused on me, I can hit this and select where I want it to focus.

And I can even adjust the amount.

Panasonic GH5.

Sony a6500 Panasonic GH5 a6500 Now, let's check out precision landing.

Turn it on.

Take off The home point has been updated, please check it on the map.

Alright, let's go higher.

And now we're away, I'm hitting return home button.

Despite the wind, which you can tell by the flag on the lifeguard tower I think Spark did an amazing job landing almost exactly at the same spot it took off.

It's fantastic.

This is the app let's start from the left side.

On the left top we have the take off button.

and then underneath that we have return home button.

and underneath that we have the intelligent flight modes Underneath that we have this toggle to turn on these controls.

You can not take off by doing this gesture with the phone.

You have to use the take off function.

And then here on the right side at the top we have the settings Where we see the main controller settings, advanced settings, wi-fi settings, virtual joystick settings or if you have the controller, then the controller settings, aircraft battery, gimbal settings and general settings Underneath that we have this phone icon.

When you tap that phone icon You start controlling the gimbal pitch with your phone And underneath that we have the photo/video toggle.

We can switch between photo and video.

and then we have the shutter button.

Underneath that we have the settings and in the settings you can set it to auto or manual And then we have the photo settings.

Let's switch to photo so they become active And next to that we have some settings But as you can see we don't have the settings mavic has.

And underneath that we have this play button where you can go and look at your videos and photos.

The micro usb port and memory card slot is behind that cap that says Spark on it.

The design is once again, really cool.

It looks like a gadget from Batman.

Look at these little ventilation holes.

These propellers are like a rabbit's ears It looks like a baby mavic.

I don't know if this is a clue about Mavic 2 but this 3D sensing system, Seems like it is going to fit right here.

Right there.

So where shall we put Spark next to Mavic Pro, Phantom 4 Pro, Inspire 2 and others? I think Spark is a fantastic beginners drone but also a must have for drone addicts like myself.

Sure Spark’s 1080P video is incomparable to Mavic, Phantom 4, inspire or other drone's video capabilities, but I don’t think Spark is about that.

I think Spark is to get people who never have flown a drone to join us.

It is about the fun, the experience, the excitement of the drone world.

From the way it gently lands into my hand, from the way it flies the feeling I get from Spark is very much like what I feel for BB8and if you agree with me I think this is the Drone you're looking for.

Well, thank you very much for watching this episode and I hope you enjoyed it Please hit that subscribe button, I must have a subscribe button somewhere here on the screen.

Hit that button and play ding-dong ditch with the bell next to and join the World DO'mination! And please let me know what you think about DJI Spark in the comment section pillow I'm using the force guys, just give me a second.

Obviously, the force only works.

And until I see you the next time take really good care of yourselves and hoşça kalın!.