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Review of the DJI phantom 3 standard – one of the best drones with camera


DJI phantom 3, Review of the DJI phantom 3 standard – one of the best drones with cameraReview of the DJI phantom 3 standard

I have never flown a drone before this drone came into my possession and so this is not going to be a comprehensive review where I go into every single detail about this DJI phantom 3 standard  drone this is going to be more of the average perspective on what I thought and how I enjoyed using this drone here this last weekend. So really I just want to highlight some cool features that I found in the Drone and kind of give you my overall experience.

So this is the DJI phantom 3 standard which is DJIs presumed earlier level quad copters they’re not quite consumer level but they’re not quite pro level the kind of fill in that gap somewhere in between and at a price point of 699 it is significantly cheaper than some pro level drones that you’ll see out there which range from two three four five thousand dollars on up.

The Phantom series of drones with camera has become somewhat of an industry standard and they provide what many would consider the best bang for buck when it comes to drone quality.

Now this has an RTF designation which means out of the box it’s ready to fly it comes with everything you’ll need to get up in the air within literally just a matter of minutes.
So you get a drone the controller and my opinion something that’s quite incredible which is a 2.7 k camera which takes great pictures and video. Now part of the magic of the camera is that it comes with an integrated to access gimble which serves a couple of functions one the gimbals allows you to have a motorized control of the camera and it also provides an enormous Stability while taking video and pictures. Now the camera sends a signal back to your controller which then can be paired with your iphone or android phone To provide a live feed of whatever is happening are taking place.

On camera so you can kind of see that demonstrated here in real time and it provides Virtually zero latency. As far as the picture is concerned so being able to see what your camera sees obviously helps you compose your shots and video, it also helps for flight mode so you can see things in flight That might be harder to see from the ground. Now keep in mind for 700 bucks that sounds like a lot but you’re getting a drone a controller and this camera.

I mean I would have pay probably five or six hundred bucks just to get a camera and gimble that was this buttery smooth, let alone a few hundred dollars more to get a drone attached with it. So that’s super impressive that DJI can provide us with the camera of this quality on a drone of this quality at this price point.

This drone is actually pretty easy to fly – one of the best drones with camera!

Now I did almost have a few incidents where I’ve wrecked and crashed it a couple of times but you’ll notice here that its stability in the air with its GPS capabilities allow you to just take your hands off and it will just hover in midair without wrecking our crashing and that is awesome. I mean this thing even has a mode where it does take off for you since it does have GPS you can set a home when you take off and if the drone losses gps acquisition or runs into any sort of problems it will return to that home.

Now I did find that flying without gps as I’m doing here in doors just to make sure I don’t get a fly away or it doesn’t blow away with the wind and flying without gps you’re in a manual mode and it is much harder to control especially if you’re outside where you’re getting gusts of wind so I don’t recommend if you’re a beginner flying in any sort of manual mode.
Make sure you’re always flying in a gps-enabled mode so that you don’t accidentally get some flyaways and crashes. Now true to form like any top shelf drone this has what are called intelligent flight modes which basically means that there are modes that provide automated flight patterns and one of those flight modes is a point of interest mode which allows you to set a GPS point at which the copter will rotate around that at a certain radius that you set in a certain speed that you set and it will just point the camera towards that point of interest to allow you to get some great shots and video.
The drone also has a follow me mode which allows the drone to follow wherever the controller is at a specified height and distance.
So here you’ll see me skateboarding down the road and the drone follows me at a perfect distance and pace, nice and smoothly the drone also has what is called a home lock flight mode which rearranges the controls to set it up in such a way that it gives you a little bit more of an intuitive feel to the controls and I found this helpful when flying in very low altitude areas where I might have obstacles or trees or fail boxes in my path. It was helpful to fly in this mode and have a little bit more control over the drone.
Now I did feel that in this mode I had better control over the drone but less control over the camera so it is a compromise course Loch allows you to set a straight course which is great if you’re trying to get panning shots maybe following a car or bicycle.
It also allows you to control the camera while you’re in that panic mode to get some great shots and worried about composing your video rather than worrying about flying as much now course lock is very similar to my favorite intelligent flight mode which is way points which allows you to set way points GPS coordinates and altitude where it will create a certain flight path so this allows you to completely take your hands off of the controls of the drone and worry more about composing your shots are taking pictures while the drone flies a predetermined course.
This is an amazing drone it’s definitely forward-thinking and there’s a little bit of future proofing that DJI has done into this drone. I don’t know that anything that’s on the market right now we’re going to be hitting the market any time in the next few months is going to be able to compete with the DJI Phantom 3 standard as far as features quality and price point. Simply – one of the best drones with camera on the market!


Record moments that you want to remember forever, and share those moments in an unforgettable way. The Phantom 3 Standard gives you an all-new perspective of sports, parties, and family events with a built-in camera that captures sharp, vivid 2.7K HD video and 12 megapixel photos. Shaky photos and video can ruin even the most impressive scenes. Keeping the camera perfectly stable is a precision engineered 3-axis gimbal, giving your footage a little movie magic. As the Phantom tilts and turns, the gimbal holds the camera flat and level, eliminating all unwanted shake.

Kit Includes:
DJI Phantom 3 Standard with 2.7K Camera and 3-Axis Gimbal

Manufacturer Accessories Include:
Controller for Phantom 3 Standard (5.8 GHz)
Intelligent Flight Battery for Phantom 3
57W Battery Charger for Phantom 3
AC Power Cable
SanDisk Ultra 8GB UHS-I/U3 Micro SDHC Memory Card
4 x 9450 Self-Tightening Propeller Set for Phantom 3 (Part 9)
Gimbal Clamp
4 x Vibration Dampers
micro-USB Cable
2 x Anti-Drop Kit
Landing Gear Pad for Phantom 2 Quadcopter (4-Pack)
Propeller Removal Clamp
Sticker Set for Phantom 3 Professional / Advanced (5 x Gold, Silver, Red, Blue, Pink)

Additional Accessories Include:
Water Resistant Hardshell Backpack
SanDisk Extreme 32GB UHS-I/U3 Micro SDHC Memory Card
Quick-Release Snap On/Off Prop Guards (Set of 4)
SSE Transmitter Lanyard
Microfiber Cleaning Cloth