VUELO SYMA X8W WIFI EN ESPAÑOL: Review en español de drones baratos calidad precio

If we had to say one of thedrones that more expectancy has had of the channel of Mundodron would have tosay that it is this precisely Syma X8W By the way, it called me rafael welcomecross to Mundodron today thanks to the company gearbest tothe Chinese shop Gearbest that has us yielded this glorious drone.


The ofmagnify drone go it to put go in comillas because as you already have seenin the analysis and has point very good and other points that arehorrible, other points that.

Mine god what that what to where have to arrive.

But well we go to fly east drone and have to say a thingfly it of two distinct form to the principle go to do a recordingin which we go to fly this drone without use the fpv and advance you a thing:you go to see that it is a flight exepcional a flight that by what costs thisdrone is incredible wonderful to me personally it has loved me and I think thatit has positioned inside my drones favourite but afterwards go to fly itwith fpv, voucher? And there is good that occur the that god want.

Voucher? I do not want to advancehere at all but here auguro that it goes to have some problemilla and if there are not them as wonderful but good or leftclear that can occur and here never I have flown so today we wentto find us with a lot of surprise Asi that at all go to put the drone down I want to remember the first what it is necessaryto do connect first the control voucher? Very important.

We connect the control with the crowbar downwards gentlemen that if no.

Voucher connected to the control we connect the drone always leaving thefree sail because this drone can do a lot of damage.

We connect the button ON Care with the crowbars that can have problemilla.

And at all, we synchronise for up it stops down we test that this was workingperfect as at all we remember this flight it is without the fpv voucher so at all goodas you see this is the plaquita for the fpv toput the mobile despues go it to do Asi that at all.

We go to fly it a ratilloand like this see how flies the drone.

incredibly stable the flight sounds likea crazy! We are right now flying in way normal.

That is to say, slow way.

A flightsúper soft a stable flight.

We say that a solemn flight but as to my likesme fly rapido we go to go us already to what for real matters! That I do not want foolishnesses here! Personally it is of the best flights that I have realised sincerely.

With this typeof drones.

A drone cheap.

A drone that are speaking of a dronethat costs some 100 euros and look as it moves it Can load with sportive camerascan do quite a lot of things and I create that is quite well is quitewell think that lost the head already I have recovered it.

It had lost the headgentlemen! It had lost the head! No the head for real but almost almost Already went me to go out of control! Afterwards I criticising the way without head for whatserves? As gentlemen! For this serves for this type of drones when it goes you a bit the pinza.

we do not go us to approach a lot.

Not to have problemas.

Si the camara says us! If to Miss of the camera says us if this seeing well the drone this distance If? Perfect as at all, this is more or less the drone.

A solemn flight, a flight calm a flight that also canbe very but that very nervous was can do what want to sincerely.

The pajaros Are considering me like a member more than his pack am seeingit! Well, we go to do something more risky so that you see the twistsgo to do a flip a flip incredible a flip very stable, a flip very good.

Quite solemn sideways.

For backwards and for the another side.

All can do !Because no? Personally I am very happy with the flight of this drone in this way.

Without tonterias of the FPV neither at all and good.

I think that it has remainedclear no? so at all.

We go to go very tranquilitos putting to the normal way no the rapido and go already to land it in our point of landing.

Very beautiful everything.

A landing tranquilito.


As a lot of care.

We haveit here for down so at all right now I go to take out the mobile goto cut a segundito the camera and we go to put already the fpv to the drone and good.

That it go out what God want.

Good boys already we have gone back.

As you see already we have installed the mobile is a nexus5 important so that you know well that these things can vary of mobile tomobile but good east is a nexus 5 we have had to connect the wifi of thedrone with the wifi of the mobile.

right now already we would be seeing.

Well, we have lit the aplicacion of Syma I think that more or less it is seeingmore or less already are seeing what it is seeing in this instant costs? It ismore, it is more.

If it can come the camera for here want that they see a thing.

it looks you see that right now this put my foot here place.

They see more or less? I Go to remove the foot.

Already I have removed it.

Voucher? More or less already you see cual is the delay being at the side! So well, that is the delay of the fpv like estais seeing it is not a fpv to be seeingcontinuously even to fly from of of the mobile but you do not go to belooking to this and the fpv well what it gives you it is a reference of what isrecording in this moment for this it would be well the problem, if it is that hasa problem now.

it Is the first time that go to fly here.

So at all.

I do not want to advance at all.

If there is a problem that show it the facts.

So at all, this if, as I foresee that it go to have true problemillas Expect that it have not cuidarthem and probably has been problem mio.

East is the fourth different place in which we fly it and probably have had a problem in the others three by chance.

equally if I have had a problem inthe another three and in this do not have it.

Already sabeis but or less cual is the proporcion.

At least up to now! No it was one it is not that it was a too scientific thing but well go to go flying and at all already knows that it estais seeing in real time is the only difference that it Is the unica difference that go to have with the previous time.

And at all, we go upwards! This answering very well with the same delay that previously we Go to put it in way rapido because it is asi as it likes us.

Right now there is not ningun problem.

Probably all was bad luck.

it Goes quite well.

The flight this being very good.

The fpv is with delay but goodbut works.

Personally I create that has been very bad luck in the othersplaces in which I have been.

Oh!!! So that I speak.


It had thrilled me a second the camerahas remained clear that that has remained clear where has fallen to be able to speak 30 seconds.

it has remained blocked in a moment in which it wasflying sobrevolando the way sees a poquito.

It had thrilled me gentlemen.

It thought that already at last it was problem only of thesurroundings but already are four places in the that loses the control and at all.

Thea bit disappointing truth desto but the flight we go to see go to go to look for it cuidadito with the camera that can trip.

It is necessary to have a lot cuidar voucher there is It Is necessary to have a lot of care.

We do not go to go to look for it?? The camara me this saying that there are some problems to go to look for it So at all good go to say or a pair ofcositas.

I have to say you that this zone in summer full of ramajos brutal and estais seeing that they are like me that it was an arm.

Practicallyan arm and sincerely is enough complex go recording and that no fall us as complicated.

Habia Left to see if the camera risked butsee that no! But well want to say them a thing well directly already haslost the synchronisation cost if no they see at all exactly here that there is not at all voucher is easy no lady so at all cositas that I have tosay.

This drone loses synchronisation during some 3-4second voucher here it habeis been able to see but afterwards care.

If I approached me or even if I gave him right now to the gas thing that do not go to do the drone can that it have gone backto reconectarse voucher this is good and is bad this puts bad is well because to see ifwe go to have the sufficient bad luck as so that somebody synchronise or so that pille with others to any interference and such and go flying andthat to the well at least only falls but only leave you clear that the fpv ofthis drone no voucher Is a fpv invalid that is a fpv that would not have to use and simply I I think that what my recommendation asalready you left in the others clear video is that you pilleis this model of drone.

It is a drone very good but if the camera and without the fpv and if youit comprais with the fpv because it goes out more cheap simply no it conecteis why?well podeis Test it in situations of a lot of security without anybody aroundin a very wide place far of you and in this good instant to be able totest it and see if I have had bad luck because I go back to say I only havetested this syma x8 w to know what can have occurred inanother model.

I have been looking for on-line and seems that it ismedianamente normal but well these are my experience I simply say youthat if you go it to you to buy that you it I recommend.

Tengais Cuidar with this and that if you find an a lot of version cheaper without the camera as that the compreis.

This would be the more interesting.

Because themost interesting of this drone, although it will work well with this FPV.

It is not the fpv because also habeis seen that no it serves for to do FPV.

Simply good to have one reference of what is recording thecamera as at all simply was this I expect that it have liked you the videoexpect that it have not hurt you too much this estrellamiento extreme in the earthand at all see us in a new video here in mundodron And of course appreciate to the company Gearbest for having us yielded east product do not see.

Ciao! With that a lot of surprise see to rafa! It thought that the problem went to be alone while it was flying These recording? well here it is we go to see if it has lost the synchronisation it has not lost synchronisation.

You see it? what very what well sounds señarafter how long have been looking for 15 minute 20 miners ina good face diary time of mayabeque estadi city went up bay what there isbehind of what sees by here we have happened the horizon a pair oftimes until we have given us account of that was not so far now bringflown law this zone that is there that from of sounded was loss that isseeing in alcalá was missing do not cost at all and at all here we were to have moreamena how has remained already since this the first of all security the controllike this alabama dalt will finish that to split of now goes to record with a handcost cuidar it does not treat of gaza do not touch as'this face down has not put it to egg so prorrogó the camera that avengesgive him to costs it and here no longer there is too much for ale already can pay thecontrol fraternity is burning by and comprise voucher the camera that recordedwith of this and the second that it is necessary do cost only to look as tothat have too much big year in do now put has put us insidethe antenna of the fpv has put us some mierdecilla that it will be necessaryto clean when we arrive home well dirty is because the things withthe stars in execution well the camera has not removed whichis a point does not know who is they do not do the propellers more or less to theequal a proof of resistance like the that did antaño do not go inin álava do not go to remove the battery already it put very important is one of thefew dates bigger of the history avid of accounts do not finish albinegrowe follow here graces thank you thanks to that we have been twentyminutes looking for to say 15 by in case acaso somebody says us that this will not leave remove here the battery that it is burning and at all more or less thiswould be the norm of minimum security they will be those that can do enoughmore than at all call of tasks of canadá for the camera.

MUSE – DRONES. (Review mit Klaus Kauker) – AktionSorgenschall

Muse, Drones, I'm happy.

After Muse's last album Second Floor tried to, quite unsuccessfully, conquer the dubstep world, today they have delivered ultimate rock, setting their steel strings on fire! This English alternative/progressive Rockband is known for their monumental, symphonic, downright anthemic moments.

Let's see if these 52 minutes have any of those to offer.

The cover-art shows features people being operated like a drone.

Now, I'm excited! Ah, this gated snare makes me relive the 80s.

The first track is "Dead Inside", delivering a rhythm that is timed so computerized that it's lacking any kind of soul.

The song describes the protagonist growing desperate about a dead soul, dying away himself in the end.

So, thematically everything kind of fits perfectly! The only problem: neither rhythm nor melody were able to thrill me.

The music just doesn't deliver anything special.

It could've been a little more for an opener.

Arc of Suspense It doesn't matter if you listen to Drones as an LP, CD or stream, the titles intertwine without leaving gaps and fit together quite well.

Two orations are included, one of a drill sergeant and one by John F.

Kennedy, that are supposed to illustrate the political dimension.

This crushes any kind of leeway for your own fantasy, Yet when we're talking about drones and hollowing out your soul, it kinda fits.

So the structure is quite comfortable, I'd say, the twelve songs deliver enough variety to make you stick around for all 52 minutes.

The topical seriousness is expressed by uncompromising cock-rock riffs, some of them sound so corny, that at times, they almost seem like a parody.

A band like Rage Against the Machine, already did that better, with riffs and soli that were quite similar.

Anybody who knows Muse, knows that frontman Matt Bellamy is an allrounder and multi-instrumentalist.

The range of his singing voice can easily keep up with Queen's frontman Freddy Mercury.

Some choirs and guitars, like they are featured in the rock opera track "Defector“ also remind me of queen and that can never be bad for a music album.

composition Way back, when I analyzed Muse's Olympia song "Survival" on my channel, I was quite surprised I was quite surprised how easily and with how much authority those guys modulate through five keys, All that in just one song! There's no doubt: Muse have the know-how and enough confidence, at least most of the time, to woo us with compository surprises! Yet Drones just doesn't offer enough of that.

Part of the problem is the clichéd rock, that apparently just had to be catered to.

And in parts it's definitely the weak melodies.

They just don't seem to stick.

Yet still, they're constructed all around the songs at great length.

Concerning the lyrics, I would've wished for more poetry.

I had problems finding a single catchy tune.

Did you? I really didn't! Last song.

The last song shares the album's name, "Drones" and is a holy acapella choir fugato.

It could easily be played on the funeral of fallen victims of war.

It could've been a harmonious confusio.

erm conclusion, if it wouldn't lack quality in singing as well as the technique! It's a multi-track recording and the tuning of the instruments, like the volume, was technically enhanced after the recording, which you can hear quite clearly.

Now that is just about excusable for an otherwise perfectly produced record, But hearing this especially on the last track, does really sting.

Conclusion It's a pity that Drones doesn't deliver any ultimate hit.

Their really trying quite hard to hammer the drone problem into our brains, which might be too blunt for some of you.

Yet on the other hand, I really appreciate artists taking a clear political position every once in a while.

The record delivers a full sound, here and there it's virtuosity even surprises and it does stand strong right up to the end.

I'd buy it.

Give this album a spot in your record collection.

And finally, I've reached the endcard.

The notorious Sorgenschall endcard! You can leave your comments on Muse down below and let us know what we should analyze next! I just found two very watchable videos right here and be sure to subscribe to our channel Sorgenschall right here.

And you can find my own channel up here, where you can find even more videos on music! I'll see you guys there.

Discover the best mini drones – Review and demonstration

Yes? Yes we got it but can you please wrap it in a a less conspicuous package next time? It has been a while that I wanted to show you some mini drones.

So we selected some for you from GearBest.


Links are available in the video description.

The mini drones are designed to be used mostly indoor, the bigger models can be used outdoor when the weather is good without wind.

Hey it is perfect to spy on the neighbour under the sho We agreed on not saying this! We'll start with the Cheerson CX-10, the smallest and the most sturdy of our selection.

This drone is perfect for learning since the controls are the same than bigger drones in manual mode.

With its five to ten meters range it should be used exclusively indoor.

It is supposed to fly 8 minutes on a single charge but in practice it is rather 5 minutes.

And for indescreet spies there is a version with an embeded camera! Here is the second model, very similar to the CX-10.

It is less stable when it flies but it comes with a protection for the propellers.

Which is useless.

True, the propellers are designed to resist basic crashes.

The Hubsan X4 is of better quality, its design, its range, its price and the number of required batteries are way higher.

Unlike the previous models it can be used outside when there is very little wind.

It can fly for 8 min on a single charge and the remote's screen is usefull to make some basic configuration described in the user guide.

The Tarantula X4.

X6 is way bigger and is designed to be used outside.

And again there should be little wind while flying it.

There is a camera available for this drone, it is protected from the vibrations with dampers and can be triggerred through the remote control which is nice.

It can fly for 12 minutes on a signle charge which is way more than the previous models.

The design is nice but it suffers from several cons.

First, the other drones can be charged with an USB adapter, to charge this drone, one must remove the battery using the provided screwdriver and use the wall adapter.

It is not well made and the manual is badly translated, see for yourself.

把百度设为主页关于百度新闻地图视频贴吧登录设置 The propellers are not fixed to the motors but are driven by a gear which is louder and more fragile.

The remote control requires 6 AA batteries to be powered, your wife might get upset when she discover that you are stealing the batteries from the TV remote.

This drone can be set to headless mode which allows the pilot to control it the same way wherever it is facing.

It exists a headless mode version of the CX-10.

Now that we have seen the characteristics we'll fly these drones.

It is the first time I fly a drone so do not laugh.

Since we are going to use many drones at the same time, we'll bind them one by one Please wait one second, I'll bind mine.

It is not binded yet so the front LEDs are flashing.

I turn the remote on and to bind it I must pull the throttle to maxmimum then go back to zero.

Now it is binded, if I apply some throttle the propellers rotate.

Let's see if I got it.

I turn it on, The red LEDs are the back of the drone.

To start I recommend to have the drone facing the same direction than you so that you don't have to worry about the drone's direction.

When you crash, always put the throttle to zero so that you don't break the propellers or the motors.

It is the only rule to learn : when you crash, put the throttle to zero.

This is going to go bad.

The right stick is for the roll and pitch.

The left stick is for throttle and yaw.

This means the remotes are in mode 2.

Let's go! MY LEEEG BWAAAAAAA! These drones don't hurt at all which is a pro compared to bigger drones.

After this first bad attempt, we have a broken propeller so we'll replace it.

These drones are always provided with four spare propellers, you take the drone OUCH! First turn off the drone before changing the propeller.

The propellers have a rotation direction.

Opposite propellers turn on the same direction.

You must check the rotation direction before changing the propeller.

Here the propellers are of opposite rotation direction so it is the other one.

This propeller turns clockwise.

To change a CX-10 propeller you pull it.

Here we go again! And you lost the propellers! I'll try to keep it flying.

You broke a propeller again.

You see that's easy.

I'll take back what I said earlier, the propeller protection is usefull.

for the propellers itselves and for the people around the pilot.

You can buy a protection for the propellers desinged for the CX-10 separatelly.

A looping with the CX-10.

It doesn't look like it but the CX-10 is very manoeuvrable.

The Hubsan X4.


We hope that you enjoyed this video and discovered the great drones from GearBest.

Com You'll find the links in the video description.

Please click here to discover my channel about drones.

Thanks for watching and see you soon.


Best Drones: Drones For Sale, Drones With Cameras ► The Deal Guy

– Today, the biggestdrone deals of the year.

Hi, I'm the YouTubeDeal Guy, Matt Granite.

Welcome to your one stop shop for savings, where I give all of the deals that I test away to subscribers.

I don't make a dime onany recommendation I make.

If you're new, hi.

I'm gonna show you some amazingdrone deals in a moment.

For those of you that have seen me test all sorts of flyingaircraft over the last several months that we've been together, I promise another rivetinground of drone tests live from our studio.

Well, not live, but it's YouTube and I really appreciate being here.

A reminder that if you'renot yet subscribed, click that subscribe button you see on your screen right now.

I've already given free drones away to many of our subscribers.

That will continue today.

Now, the deals, which are all located right under this video window, include micro drones as low as $28 down from $70 with free shipping.

This thing is incredibly durable.

I'm gonna put it throughsome smash tests in a moment.

Then some of the higher gradedrones also part of the mix.

Figured we'd test the leastexpensive of the drones and also the smallest, palm-size.

(drone whirring) Oh, yes.

It goes up really fast.

It's also very, very durable.

I've crashed and slammed thisthing around so many times.

Look at how fast it goes up andthen in terms of its tumble, every single time it comesback it's completely fine.

It does come with extra propellers.

Let's see if we can get alittle bit of a lift off.

We'll come into the light here.

(drone whirring) – [woman] Can't evenfollow it, it goes so fast.

(drone crashing) – That's a light.

Ah, it's stuck.

Anyhow, you get the idea (laughing).

I don't (laughing).

– [woman] Woops.

– It's been rescued andit's still flying, woo.

Now, in terms of flying.

Let's turn you to go this way.

(drone whirring) My flying is terrible,but it is definitely the most durable drone.

I don't know about you,but that was super fun.

In terms of the other items, this is the slightly larger spy drone.

This does have a picture and video camera.

Some of the bad boys, which again, many of our subscribers already have from my Cyber Monday giveaway.

The price drops that you see are legit.

One other thing, as I'vebeen enjoying this remote.

David, I don't know if you can catch this.

If you're wondering if thistech is from years ago, this has a 2015 manufacture date, July.

I'm not trying to pawn off pieces of garbage from 11 years ago.

I test everything.

A reminder, again, if you arelooking for today's deals, which will expire, they are located right under this video window.

I really appreciate you watching.

Thank you for being here.

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There you go.

You are awesome, thankyou so much for watching.

Liftoff Review: Simulador de Drones de carreras // Liftoff Review: Drone racers simulator

Hi friends of DGDRONE! Today I bring you a video with a recommendation to all those who you want to initiate you into the world of drones, specifically in racers.

Lugus Studios with ImmersionRC and Fatshark have developed Liftoff,a flight simulator racing drones, as accurate and true to real control, you'll feel you're driving a real racing drone.

Through their website you can access the Steam platform from which we can acquire the simulator for both Mac and Windows systems.

Currently The simulator can be purchased with early access, which means that the current price is below the price that will end becasue it does not have all their functions actived yet, but will open up with updates at no charge for those who purchase now.

On the menu we find 5 tabs:Single Player, Multiplayer, Options, Community and Quit.

In the Options you can configure both the sound and graphics, and can even choose the lens size, and configure our rc in the the simulator as the same way as a real drone.

Furthermore, if we are not issuing, we can use the keyboard or set up a PS4 or Xbox controller, and enjoy the simulator as well.

In Single Player you can select Tutorial mode, Free Flight, Race, Workbench or Track Builder.

In the Workbench, we configure our drone completely personalized, choosing from the engines we want to use, the camera, the propeller, the antenna.

and even carrying the battery, indicating the weight, power and all necessary info as the real life.

Having chosen our drone, we can go into Free Flight, we will have the option to choose between flying in the selected scene, or fly at that stage but with a prebuilt circuit scene.

Flying in these scenes we can live the experience of piloting a drone race as it would in real life, being able to select the flight mode between "LEVEL" if you are starting and want to keep the aircraft it level, or "ACRO" for experts seeking reality and acrobatics of a racing drone.

During the flight and for more realism can be activated by keyboard shortcut or from the menu of game options, the classic noise of video signal transmission to the glasses, giving a funny look, but we can turn it off if we want a "clear signal”.

We may also display the movement of our joysticks to know at all times the relationship between our fingers movement and our drone.

Also we can configure parameters to make fine adjustments of our rc and drone.

We have different scenes, from a wheat field, a forest or a garage among others, with different difficulty, which will always find some fun element that hinder us and become a challenge our flights.

Furthermore, to be true to life, shock affect our aircraft, breaking or damaging the propellers, thus hindering their flight as would occur in real life, but we can in the options menu select “God Mode" if we do not want to worry about these contingencies.

In the constructor of circuits we can configure our custom circuits, placing items on the scene and eventually save them to run and test our skills.

In addition, Liftoff gives us the ability to connect to the computer our FPV glasses, and may well have a feeling of total immersion in our flights, and enjoy firsthand what a pilot of racers feels.

Well you know, if you want to feel the thrill of piloting a drone and you like racing simulators, Liftoff is an excellent choice.

Well folks, I hope you enjoyed today's video, you know, the usual, give me a "Like" , subscribe, share and.

Buen Vuelo! 🙂 www.



$15 Drones For Sale, Best Drones With Cameras ► The Deal Guy

– Today, 80% off drones,serious camera footage, and huge savings right here.

(gentle electronic music) Hi, I'm the YouTube deal guy,Matt Granite, we'll meet.

Oh wow, that's high shank, look at that.

And that's how durable these things are.

All of the deals that I find are located right under this video screen.

And here it comes.

Whether you know me fromyour local TV station or USA Today, hi.

I hunt down huge, that hurt, huge deals all located right under this video screen.

Today, the most amazingdrone deals of the year.

Some of them have cameras.

I'm gonna get into the prices.

A better flight test in a moment, but everything I feature onhere is not a paid product.

I test out all of themerchants and all the retailers that you see, and today'sdeal actually comes from a company called MorningSave, and I've been buying their stuff from the parent companyover the last few years.

Great deals, good customer service.

Before we get to the savings and some really cool flight tests, if you are not yetsubscribed to this channel, click the Subscribe buttonyou see on your screen.

I am giving away free camera drones today and you'll be signed upfor some huge deal alerts.

The best drone deal I've ever seen is this Cheerson Nano Quadcopter, 80% off.

At this size, you do not needto register with the FAA.

The $5.

00 shipping fee per orderis per order, not per item, which means you canorder all sorts of drones tied to today's deals,and if you want cameras, $15.

00 gets you this quadcopter that I'll show you in a moment.

And for $19.

00, you canget a camera quadcopter with a two gig SD card.

Three non-camera drones'llbe 35 bucks delivered.

At these prices, three camera drones would be 50 bucks delivered.


Now, as we pull the video from the camera inside the drone, thisis what it captured, and I want you to take a lookat how clear the video is even with extremely quick movements.


And now for the crash tests.

I fly this into the ceiling.

Again, the durability is key.

I'm gonna bring it up to the ceiling.

I'm gonna smash it.

That is still working and still flying.

So there you have it.

Again, these are whatthe drones look like.

Very small size.

Another thing I want to point out though despite the fact that theyare very powerful and durable is they come with extrapropellers which is key.

This was the remote.

They charge via USB.

The remote itself takestwo triple A batteries.

Many of the drone deals you see are from companies thatare actually in China, so by the time you order, it takes weeks for theitem to actually arrive.

The company behindtoday's deals is American, located right here in thestates, so you'll get your drones within seven to 10 days which is huge.

Again, that deal locatedright under this video screen.

Thank you so much for being here.

I've got more huge dealsright around the corner that I can't wait to share with you.

Look everyone, it's Jenny.

– Hey guys.

Well, there's nothing I likemore than watching Matt fly.

Remember all the deals areunderneath this window, and you better subscribe.

– [Matt] You actually thinkpeople aren't subscribed yet? – Hmm, I don't know, but if you're not, you're wrong, you need to.

(laughs) – [Matt] For free stuff,click the Subscribe button you see on your screen right now.

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There you go, you are awesome.

Thank you so much for watching.

KITESURF et DRONES font-ils bon ménage ? | Geek-review

Hey guys! I know that you're someone like me, you're someone who like the new technology: camera, drone, GOPro,.

This video is for you ! We'll talk about this beautiful object: the drone ! This is the drone I use To record and show your kite's sessions, it's the best.

Mine is the DJI Phantom 3 Pro You know that when you kitesurf, it's normal to buy expensive stuff well the drone it's the same price as a kite's wing.

It'll be used over many sessions.

Like the wing.

I bought this one One advantage of this drone is the possibility to putyour smartphone on hte command to see what we are recording It's very useful, the video helps you a lot.

The drone looks like this without the screws.

There's a small bag of screws with the drone, it's very easy to put on.

With this drone, you got a 4k camera to record high quality images.

You can put a SD card in this camera, and record for a long time.

The week point is the battery.

It's been 3/4 years since the drones started to be used a lot and the batteries are still a problem.

You've got around 30 min of fly maximum.

If you record over the water, you don't want to run low in battery it's better to stop the drone before it reaches the limit of 30min to not take the risk of the drone droping in the water.

"If there is wind, I can't use my drone.

" That's what i thought in the beginning.

I just used it when the wind was calm like today but in fact, it's pretty well done if there's no wind, it'll fly like this but, if there's wind, I did it in a 35 knots wind, 35 knots is a little extrem, we'll say around 20/25 knots, it flies pretty food and you can take some really good films.

The camera is stabilized and your drone will incline face to the wind.

Imagine that there's no wind, you can move your camera with the commands here you can move the camera in all directions You can chose to record like a satellite,.

Your drone will tilt to resist the wind and you'll just have to move your camera.

I did some great images at Leucat It was very good, the drone didn't move in the wind and you can film your kite's session.

You'll be able to discover your kite's spot with a new view If you're a videomaker, you do something original, very different.

I'm fan of this, I discover all the things around me there's some videos that show the camping, the beach,.

It's the playlist of drone's videos that you can see here you can find all the videos in this playlist.

You'll see that the beach where I actually am is very different.

On my left is the camping, on my right is the kite's spot you'll see in these videos that it changes a lot there's a video where we did some SUP I like this video a lot.

There's a video of the camping after the storm it's a whole new place.

That was a little video about the drone.

i you like new technology like me, if you need something, it's the drone.

They're all good; The best for you is to have a drone with a camera stabilized because in the wind, it'll move.

I'll end this video with the law point.

You need an authorization to use the drone, because it could be dangerous and you could have problem with privacy policy.

Because of the weight, if it fall down you can possibly hurt people So you'll need a civil liability it covers you if you hurt someone.

You need to have a licence.

This licence changed a little for amators use.

If you're alone, at night, and you want to record and you're far from an airport, you can use your drone.

You must be alone.

If you want a drone, follow the steps go get your licence or use it only in places were there's nobody.

That's it guys ! See you later.

GoPro Karma vs DJI Mavic & Osmo Mobile — In Depth Review and Complete Comparison [4K]

Look what I have here, it is the GoPro Karma And look what I don't have here.

A representative from GoPro who can filter what I'm going to say about this drone.

So where should I begin? GoPro Karma is… unquestionably… inarguably… unarguably… without a doubt the worst drone I've ever flown Yep… It is the worst! Look at all the other drones out there today with all the features Almost all of them vision sensors, sonar sensors, obstacle avoidance, intelligent flight modes tracking, following, tap-fly, precision landing, terrain follow, the list goes on an on! and what does this have? please don't poke my eye out! nothing! no sensors, no extra cameras however It has 4 tricks it can do.

GoPro calls them Auto Shot Paths and since it has no vision sensors or obstacle avoidance these tricks are performed like a circus act… blindfolded which we'll take a look at later.

This so called convenient, portable karma system that makes you ask yourself “Why wouldn’t I take karma with me today” is actually heavier than a complete Phantom 4 system with three batteries and an osmo mobile on top of it.

And that’s just the beginning of the bad news nipple pasties If you’re serious about a portable, convenient droneKarma is the jabba the hutt of the bunch as you can guess, it is also extremely big next to Mavic It fells like.

cheap plastic this feels more, a lot more sturdy This is the Karma Grip Handle Right out of the box it has some wear and tear I don't know what that is all about We have some mounts here this is the remotethese are the propellers papers, some gopro stickers There is a weird plastic on the remote, there is something sticking out from here.

That was supposed to stay in there like this one but it came out and it is stuck here stuck right here And on top of that GoPro Karma is not much of a looker either.

See when I look at an Inspire 1, I see karate kid doing a crane kick When I look at Phantom 4, I see EVE (from Wall-E) When I look at Mavic, I see Aventador, Audi R8, BatWing But when I see as Mr Woodman calls it the Karma system I see bicycle kickstands attached to a shampoo bottle that has a croc in it and I'm not even done yet.

When I see this remote I see a make up bag And when I see this fleshlight, I see a lightsaber Honestly I believe noone captured their inner child while they were designing this No one had fun putting these together.

It was as if they said "Let's just have a drone out there, let's just have a stabilizer out there" and then there is the name, KARMA.

Sounds like a two chord song your ex would write about you ♪ I'M GOING TO RUN YOU OVER WITH MY KAR-MA BIATCH ♪ ♪ HE'S GONNA RUN YOU OVER, BIATCH ♪ But enough with the chitchat.

Let’s go fly some drones.

Now I know what you’re thinkin "What’s with that tilted horizon" First of all, how dare you judge Karma’s artistic eye Second it is called dutch tilt or dutch angle, thank you very much And third, no there is no calibration setting for it.

So when it happens… it happens… One problem I'm having with this is that is it moving by itself, it is drifting a lot Watch what happens when Mavic takes off in the regular mode.

This is not the tripod mode and Mavic is comfortably sitting in the air Meanwhile GoPro Karma is like a drunk driver trying to act sober What is it doing? It is really not a good drone for first time flying And slowly but surely loud and drunk karma landed on the sidewalk by itself and passed out By the way I already have 14 minutes of flight remaining And I haven't done anything yet Watch the remaining time right under that 95% sign while I fly the Mavic.

As you can see the seconds sometimes goes faster than real time.

Obviously this happens because the battery life is affected by the work it is doing during the flight.

When it comes to Karma not only the drone flies… but also the time flies In just 28 seconds Karma’s battery went from 15:06 to 11:52 seconds I wanted to push this test until the battery is dead but Karma got the weather conditions on it’s side.

Just like horizon tilt issue this fast battery draining happens infrequently.

But it frequently enough to catch me off guard right after drone flew under a power line that goes to lifeguard’s tower.

All of a sudden Karma took the control from me to fly home and tried to land on a car Fun times! Luckily while landing I can move the Karma around.

What I also can do is, since there is no downward sensor I can land the drone as fast as I like So now I'd like to try Auto Shot Paths I'm going to select Dronie So now I'm going to select the start point which is this I'm going to hit play Now it is moving back by itself to create this shot Alright, once it is done you fly it back yourself And that was it, that was the dronie If we have time let's look at Cable Cam Let's say this is point A And then let's say that is point b And now it is flying between these two points by itself and I have 10 minutes of battery life remaining And you can adjust the speed as well.

Alright that's enough.


It adjusted the camera by itself, it is looking down.

And look at that hollywood shot of the ocean There is one more and that is orbit Distance from the remote controller must be at least 7 feet OK how about this.

Now I'm going to fly back here And set the outer point Now it is orbiting around me.

Actually not me just the point I set, so this could have been anything and I have to watch out for the obstacles and I have 7 minutes of battery life left I can adjust the speed.

here with the touch screen I can make it go higher Or lower Alright let's stop I have six minutes of, it is landing by itself again.

Alright get up, get up! You have to constantly watch the drone, whatever the tripod mode Mavic has this is completely the opposite It is the handheld mode I guess Look I didn't do that That bothers me a lot See the wide angle makes that weird bubble effect Alright now I'm going to go back We're going to check the return home feature Let's see how good that is Hitting the button.

Return to launch Now its supposed to be coming back I gotta say it is not that bad.

That's not bad at all.

Now, I wanted to talk the differences between two drones as I was flying Karma around.

Sadly that didn't happen because Karma's flight time is actually a lot less than 20 minutes So let's sit down and talk about the main differences between Karma and Mavic Karma has 1.

8 mile (3km) rangeMavic has 4.

3 mile (7km) range When it comes to speed Karma 35mph — 57kmhMavic 40mph — 65kmh GoPro's website says Karma can fly up to 20 minutes.

Mavic 27 minutes.

Let's talk about noise this is really noisy, can be really annoying.

89dba Mavic, is really quiet.

It is 83.

4 decibels Forward and downward vision system? Karma: A no!Mavic: Yes! 5 of them Camera depends on what you mount on this, you can change the harness, it can be hero 4 black, hero 5 black, hero 5 session And Mavic comes with its own camera GoPros are fixed focus, Mavic is auto focus which is something I love If we're talking about Hero 5 Black it is a 12MP 4K camera that shoots 60mps Which is exactly the same over here.

12MP 4K 60mps This is detachableAnd I wish this was detachable This would be my only camera if this was detachable Precision landing? Karma no, Mavic yes.

When I was landing this for the first time it landed exactly to the point it took off When I did it the second time not so much.

It almost landed on a car Intelligent flight modes? Mavic, yes a lot of them.

Karma, no Mavic has gesture mode, you can make the drone follow you, take a photo of you with just hand gestures And this has nothing like that So the horizon tilt when it happens I don't know how to fix it with Karma On Mavic you can adjust it and on the remote there is a shortcut where you can adjust it on the go Tripod mode, Karma HAHA! clueless.

Mavic yes.

It has a fantastic tripod mode And then we have the propellers These are the self tightening propellers which are actually a little dangerous when it comes to breaking and then speeding up They can come off.

On the other hand push and release propellers that doesn't have that problem My Karma has a Hero 4 Black on it.

So I know, the camera test with a mavic is a little unfair.

While I was planning this segment I was planning to get a Hero 5 Black and just point it at the same scenes to have a nice side by side comparison but Karma turned out to be such a bad drone, I didn’t care about the camera quality.

But hey, let’s say Hero 5 Black is much much better than Mavic camera.

Because Hero 4 black definitely isn’t.

Now let's compare the remotes.

This is GoPro's remote, you don't need to use a separate device Everything is in here This is the power button, start stop button and then this is return home button and then the regular joysticks We have record button here, and then this is to put a marker while you're filming and this is to tilt the camera On the other hand Mavic has return home button here, power here, and then we have 5d button here for making the camera look down look up they are all customizable this is to pause intelligent flight button and here we have record video, take photo, adjust aperture, adjust camera tilt and then two customisable buttons and sport button Also the joysticks feel a lot more firmer Has a usb connection here, has a micro USB here Now let's see which remote boots up faster.

Now this is a little bit tricky because this remote turns on with just one click and with this one you have to click once and tap and hold the until it starts booting up And it is here it says swipe up to begin, I don't know why we have to swipe up to begin but there it is Now let's swipe down All this screen is because this menu here Where you can look at your media files And it loads pretty fast and then you have maps, you have to download maps you can pinch to zoom out You can see the restricted areas which is really nice And if you want to add this, you come here and then you hit download and then it gives you this area and then you hit download, specify name.

GAGA And it starts downloading, you don't have to do that kind of a thing here it is connected to your phone and then on your phone it gets the maps by itsef And this is going to take a while So I'm going to cancel it, if I can.

yes, please cancel.

I don't need that.

I never go to GAGA anyways And then let's move on.

We have learn which is hilarious, learn to fly, practice flying which is very similar to flight simulator we have here as you can see the flight simulator already ready but this is loading.

You can practice almost everything And it feels very realistic Now let's look at this And look at that frame rate.

First of all it is really bad This is nothing like how karma flies by the way See if I can kill myself No I can't even kill myself.

Ooh nice go back a little bit Look at that! I even have teeth No that's some detail Way to go, gopro Let's see what else I have No I don't have what you're thinking Alright let's get out of this There is connect where you set your wifi.

To go back you hit here Now we have preferences, and in preferences we have voice alerts, volume, brightness, sleep display, language, units And settings reset Which I don't want to do that The reason I'm showing this is there is no date and time setting alright swipe up.

It's ok we're not going to fly Auto shot paths are located here but since landed we can't control those so let's go here We have flight settings, volume, brightness, easy mode on and off Not much explanation right there I have to go and read the manual Flight limits, distance and attitude.

camera tilt, you adjust the camera tilt, speed right there passanger app we're going to come back to that front lights and calibration where I have compass, accelerometer, joysticks and tilt wheel But we don't have gimbal calibration And here you can adjust your camera Your mode Capture mode, resolution, frames, field of view, low lights, spot meter and then protune on and off Mavic has all that and on top of that we have intelligent flight mode Such as gesture mode, active track mode, tap-fly, terrain follow, tripod, point of interest, way points, follow me mode, home lock, course lock So whatever this does in the automatic flight modes this does the same and more As you can see there is a lot more information on the screen which I believe is required because this is not a toy especially this.

it is a 2KG flying dumbell You need a lot more information on your screen but no.

you can swipe from left if you can and it shows the current flight session media And you can swipe from top down and you go back to this screen again I don't know why we need this screen And every time you come back This british lady starts talking You can find much more detailed review of mavic right here Click right there You can watch my video.

Everything on this one a little bit too much simplified and I don't understand why Because this drone shouldn't be simplified If you like you can add a second controller to Mavic But on gopro karma there is this app called passenger app.

what was that? what was that? Passenger app and now let's take a look at it Passenger app.

You'll be amazed.

You turn this on Allow passengers to view your flight and then it gives you a wifi name and a password Karma passenger Here it is.

Let's enter password karma0000 and then join and yeah, it doesn't join Karma passenger, karma0000 And no.

we can not connect to it so we can not see Who did the quality control for this.

I'm sure it is going to be fine with an update or something But seriously at this point it is like a joke Let's talk about how many things are at my fingertips with Mavic's remote controller Just by holding it I'm holding the joysticks, these four and the custom buttons and pause button is right here which is a really important button let's do the digital zoom I can click and go into intelligent flight mode if I want to do anything I have to let one of my hands go so I can touch the screen because you can not touch it like this And since Karma drifts so much you don't want to let any of these joysticks go at all but you have to I think gopro is aiming this one guy I saw in an interview once He was talking about how he surfed.

He was saying things like and then the waves were like whooopishhh! and then I was like whoopaahh! and it was like digdishhh and then I go hiaaa! I think that guy is their main focus with this product I think, not that guy, I'm sure he's a really nice guy Remember when I did this real life test with Phantom 4 and Mavic? If you don’t let me explain.

The goal is to see how long it takes to unpack, set the drone up, fly to the trashcan, come back, pack and sit back into the car.

And for the calibration dance you have to sing all the single ladies.

Ready? 1, 2, 3! Alright the remote is turning on The remote is on.

Swipe up to begin Up in the club, just one cup, doing my whole new thing.

If you like it then you shoulda put a ring on it if you like it then you shoulda put a ring on it it failed failed again So when I tried to calibrate by following the graphics on the screen it failed twice, and on the third try when I let the drone be in the center point the calibration worked but at that point I started feel a little dizzy as you can guess.

And for the timing since remote takes so long to boot and calibration kept failing I knew things were not going well for the Karma YES! Mavic finished this test in 2:47, Phantom 4 in 3:37 and Karma in 4:29 and done! What if I was to tell you that this gopro karma is also magical Yes, you can shoot tomorrow's footage today with karma Isn't that fantastic? Let me show you Let's look at the date 27th, 7, this says 7:11 but we're close Alright now I'm going to turn this off and I'm going to put it where it belongs Alright let's turn this on Let's turn this on! So how have you been? What's new with you? Tell me about yourself.

What is your favorite color? Here we go, here we go.

Fantastic Don't don't look how untidy that part is.

I have to take care of that part it is insanely untidy But that's good enough right? Let's just shoot a video For a second and then stop it And then we can turn these off I guess right? yes Very good Now let's take our gopro out with out breaking the karma and I'm going to come close like this And let's go into the settings and voila.

And thanks to this magic trick that happens the second you mount your gopro hero to karma and it happens every time, you end up with tomorrow’s footage today.

It is also a great and hilariously fun situation while you’re editing.

If I was to describe Karma as a smart phone I’d probably say It is like a brand new smartphone you buy from MetroPCS Enough with the drone system, now let’s look at the grip.

The grip does a fine stabilization job.

It is easy to use because it doesn’t have much bells and whistles Actually it is my favorite piece from the karma system Or is it? Grip usually makes this high pitch sound and it is easily captured by the camera Now let’s see what happens when you mount grip to the karma coffin As you can see when you mount the grip the buttons on the handle is facing the bag Which I’m sure there is a way to set it up, but I wasn’t able to find it.

Of course this backpack mount is not the best.

The camera easily gets hit with your arm and if you move too much the stabilizer can’t do much about it.

This is to turn it on And it is turned on So it works just like a regular stabilizer It is actually quite nice and quite durable I wouldn't do this with my Osmo Mobile My phone would probably fly off So as you can see this is not bad it just lost it's balance a little bit So this is the problem see you need hero 5 so you can see what is going on back here This is not really for hero 4 When you touch this, when you point it down it is following you The camera looks down, the camera looks up And whatever angle I let it go it stays looking at that angle But still I can turn it left and right Which I believe is that is missing Because even when I'm pushing I can still make it look left and right and when I click it once it resets, when I click it twice, nothing happens when I click it three times nothing happens again That is a fantastic feature And then we have mode but since you can not see what is going on here when you hit mode you have to look look at what's going on here, there is something I like to point out as well as you can see Grip is charging the camera And this one is to put marker let's say you're shooting something and something really interesting happened that you want to go back look at it you hit this and it creates a marker right there so when you go back to your editing or whatever you can find that point easily and this is to record or take a photo depending on what mode you're in and this is of course the battery life and you charge it from here and this is good, this is good.

I like this.

the only problem is when you start doing this it just gets confused But you can use it upside down that is good.

See with osmo I have much more features first of all I have this joystick here where I can rotate the camera up and down I can rotate where ever I want and this trigger, when I pull this trigger it just keeps on looking at the same direction no matter where I'm turning the handle Which is something I love and when you let it go, it just follows your action When I double click it, it resets and when I click it three times it turns into selfie mode DJI app is really good, I can live broadcast and then this tracks you This does motion timelapse Let's select this for the first frame And let's say we want it to end here You hit next.

30 seconds So you can create fantastic motion timelapses just with this On the other hand this one doesn't do anything at all it is just ridiculously sturdy I can take a video, I can take a photo really easily All these controls I have.

and on top of that, this just fits into your hand This is not bad either, but this just feels perfect in your hand And I can use whatever app I want I don't have to use DJI's app, I can use periscope, I can use the camera app iPhone's camera app and with this I can just hold it like that arrange it This one doesn't like that very much And look what happens when I hold this sideways or upside down Or all the way like this I can shoot in portrait mode GoPro grip's battery life is 1.

75 hour and that is probably because it is also charging the camera On the other hand DJI Osmo Mobile's battery life is 4.

5 hours a lot more than this guy.

But Osmo doesn't charge your phone Before I end this in-depth review, I had to do one last very important test Which made me look so cool that people changed to the other sidewalk I had really high hopes about karma.

Maybe the product I have has something wrong with it.

I don’t know.

Look at this… It scratched itself What kind of product that is prepared with portability and convenience in mind can be so amateurish so disappointing and dangerous for the fragile drone world where tons of rules rain one after the other just because of one crash Remember how drones got banned in National parks? A first time flyer will crash this drone so fast that this black backpack will be karma’s coffin.

If I see Mr.

Woodman personally, I will tell this to his face as well Karma! It is so much more than a drone! What? No, no it is not so much more than a done, it is just a drone It is not just aerial, it is not handheld, wearable or mountable, karma is all of those things, it is a complete system.

Sean took all that very complicated technology that goes into Karma and simplified enough that anyone can take Karma and put it up in the air with no problem Anyone can fly this? Do you even hear, wait a minute! Are you just repeating what you said in introduction to Karma video? So there is nothing you like about Karma? First of all thank you so much for asking nicely like this.

See when you stop forcing it, it is a lot easier Sorry about my aggressive marketing skills Aggressive marketing skills? Which you lack thoroughly.

But let me tell you what I like I think the Karma Grip is fine.

It is just fine it is good.

It does what it is supposed to do and it feels sturdy so if I go outside I wouldn't mind dropping on the ground, I wouldn't mind falling of off a bike with it on my head I think it is just good.

I think the fact that the remote doesn't require extra device like a phone or a table is cool, it is not bad.

It is cool.

I also like that you can close the lid of the remote and put it in your bag and you don't need to worry about the joysticks or the buttons or anything everything is inside also after all with this system you'll be owning a GoPro hero camera I like that they released a drone and the stabilizer I like competition I'm glad that they are in the market now It is just that Karma isn't ready I wish it was a product that pushed the competition OK what are you doing? don't do it! Karma, it is so much more than a drone! except.

it isn't.

Well, thank you very much for watching this episode and I hope you enjoyed it Please hit that subscribe button, I must have a subscribe button somewhere here on the screen.

Hit that button and join the World DO'mination! And please let me know what you think about the Karma system in the comment section pillow And until I see you the next time take really good care of yourselves and hoşça kalın!.

Best Drone for the Money! Autel X-Star Premium Drone Review

– What's up Tech Squad? Andru Edwards here,editor-in-chief of GearLive.

Com And we are quickly headedto the holiday season.

Actually, it's already the holiday season but we're in the final stretch.

If you're still lookingfor that perfect gift, for a loved-one of yours or quite frankly, somethingto pick up for yourself.

I've got the perfect thing for you.

Drones are quickly gaining in popularity, but some people think they'reprohibitively expensive and others think that onceyou get over the price hurdle, the learning curve is just too much in order to get control of the drone.

So in this video I wantedto introduce you to a drone that addresses all that and more.

This is the Autel X-Star Premium and it's made by a companywhose headquarters are literally about four miles thatway here near Seattle.

I'm gonna tell you all about it.

But just know if you'reinterested in picking one up, I'm gonna leave a link downin the description below.

The Autel X-Star Premium hasall the features you'd find in a much more expensive drone and has enough autonomousfeatures built-in, so that the learningcurve is almost nothing.

You're gonna be a pro flying this thing in under ten minutes.

So, in this video I'm gonnabring you the top five reasons that I think the Autel X-Star Premium is the drone to go out and buy right now, especially due to the recentprice drop, and again, link down in the description below.

Let's get started! Alright, first feature rightoff the bat is flight time.

When using a drone battery, life is key.

You don't wanna be outside spending the majority of your time with your drone down on the ground because you're havingto charge it yet again.

The Autel X-Star Premiumrocks a 25-minute flight time.

And I always recommend pickingup an extra battery or two.

That way when you run out of juice, you can quickly swap outand get back in the air.

With that said, at 25 minutes, this is one of the best flight times you'll find on a consumer drone.

Next up, the built-in 4K Ultra HD camera.

So aside from being up in the air for fun, the main thing you'regonna do with your drone is capture video.

Obviously here heading into 2017 4K has made a big leapin the last 12 months.

Coming to virtually everysmart phone and every TV.

And in this category, the Autel X-Star Premium is no different.

So as you're flying, you're capturing thatpremium, crisp 4K footage, which as you can see here in these clips looks pretty amazing.

And also that 4K camera leads me right into thenext feature that I love which is the three-axis gimbal.

On flagship smartphones we haveoptical image stabilization that makes the 4K footagetaken on those phones look much better.

You remove that shakiness and the bumpiness from moving around.

And you just can't help it.

You're not gonna be ableto hold your camera still as a human being, and drones are actually no different.

When they're up in the airthere's wind, there's turbulence, and you're not gonna get a stable shot.

To eliminate that you need adrone with a three-axis gimbal.

That's what smooths thingsout and gets rid of the shake.

The Autel X-star Premium doesa fantastic job at doing that.

And as you can see here,the footage is super smooth.

So for me, if you'regonna pick up a drone, this is a feature that is a must-have.

Alright, the next big featureon the Autel X-Star Premium is being able to control itfrom up to 1.

2 miles away.

And this one still blows my mind because what that means is Ican step into my back yard, turn the drone on and send it a mile away while still being able to monitor the footage it's capturingright on my smartphone, or on the included remote control.

So despite it being thatfar away from my location.

I can still monitor it withthe HD live view feature.

And then, even coolerthan that, once I'm done and I want it to come back to me, all I need to do is press one button and the drone will fly back to my precise location on its own.

So not only is this a drone but we're actually reachingrobot territory here.

And this is all thanks in part to dual built-inGPS and GLONASS navigation.

And last up in my top five features, I know this is gonna be a bit unorthodox because it's not a tech feature so much as I think it's a smart feature, and that is the color option.

So yes, you can get the AutelX-Star Premium in white.

You can get a lot of drones in white.

It looks nice, looks clean, no big deal.

But you can also pick it up in orange.

Now if you've been watchingme for any length of time you probably know that orange is my jam.

But it's not becauseorange is my favorite color that makes this a big feature for me.

When you think about it, when you're out andabout flying your drone, the backdrop that you haveis the sky and the clouds.

And the clouds, moreoften than not, are white.

So when you're flyinga white drone up there, especially when you getto super high altitudes, it's pretty easy to lose track visually of where the drone is.

However, if you have a brightorange drone up in the air, it's much easier tokeep track of the drone just using your eyesight.

So to me it just adds to the ease of use of flying the drone.

Oh and if you're not sold just yet, here's one more bonus feature.

You can even use the Autel X-Star Premium to prepare a Thanksgiving feast.

No seriously, the guys at Autelused one of their own drones to prepare a meal as you can see here.

So there you have it guys, my top five features of theAutel X-Star Premium drone.

Again, I'm leaving you a linkdown in the description below if you're interested in picking one up.

But now I wanna hear from you guys.

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Flybrix Mini-Review:

– This is snake checking in, I’m nearingthe extraction point.

– Snake, you magnificent bastard! Be careful, we’ve got intel the alien lifeformis closing in on your location! – Roger that, colonel.

– It’s quiet out here… – How quiet is it, Snake? – Too quiet.

– What’s going on, Snake?! – I’ve got company… Being chased by the alien lifeform.

– Get to the chopper, Snake! – Alright, ready for takeoff.

Here goes nothing.

As someone who loved building and playingwith Legos as a kid and loves flying and tinkering with multirotors now, I knew as soon as Ilearned about it that I had to check out Flybrix, but because it doesn’t really fit with myusual video structure (and other reasons that will soon become obvious) this won’t beone of my usual full-length reviews, but more akin to a “quick look” or “mini-review”.

As understood of from the official website,Flybrix is the name of both the company and its product, the company being a three personSilicon Valley startup and the product a kit – of which there are a two varieties – forbuilding multirotors out of Lego: A basic one with smartphone control only and a “deluxe”one with a DSM2 receiver module and a re-branded Blade transmitter.

Included in both kits you’ll find… A moderate assortment of Lego bricks neededto assemble the three suggested models: Some original and some obviously custom, like thesemotor mount pieces An all-in-one flight controller, voltage regulatorand power distribution “flight board”: I believe this is a custom Teensy 3.

2 Arduinocompatible development board 8 brushed motors with pin headers for easyattachment to the flight board An assortment of propellers and a wrench forremoving them 2 single-cell 380 mAh LiPo batteries withLosi Micro connectors A USB charging cableA USB-to-micro USB cable for connecting the flight board to a computer (more on this later)What you won’t find included in the kit is instructions of any kind, just a leafletinstead redirecting you to the official website which hosts these in both printable and interactiveform.

The instructions are written with emphasison experimentation, creativeness and learning-by-doing.

I think they strike a good level of information,informative while still keeping things moving, and – for the most part – do a good jobof guiding you through the process of building the three suggested models: a quadcopter,an octacopter and a hexacopter.

Whether based off the provided designs oryour imagination, the process of putting a multirotor together is easy thanks to thecustom pieces that fits nicely with both original Lego bricks and the RC components includedin the kit.

The actual building process takes only 15-20minutes, with the possible exception of the octacopter with its 8 motors and as many wiresto keep track of.

Flying your finished creations can be doneeither with your smart device of choice over Bluetooth or – if you got the “deluxe”kit – the included (or any DSM2 compatible) transmitter.

This is where you could say things, both literallyand figuratively, start coming apart.

Two things kept me from enjoying the flightaspect of Flybrix: Firstly, out-of-the-box (at least when usingthe transmitter) none of my creations (not even designs straight from the instructionmanual) flew well: Responding either not at all or way too much, making flight for morethan a couple of seconds at a time practically impossible.

I figured this was a software issue and – sureenough – by changing a few parameters of the flight board via the official Chrome app,I was able to mitigate most of this.

Secondly, more often than not the multirotorsI build fall apart, either gradually in the air or completely at the point of takeoff.

I don’t know if this is the custom bricksbeing ever so slightly off in terms of fit, if the included bricks wear down a littlewith use or simply that Lego brick in general don’t have the right properties to supportthe weights and forces involved for long.

What I do know is that this was the pointwhere Flybrix started to feel less like play and more like a chore to me.

This is also the point where this review kindof runs out of steam, not least because I’m out of usable footage and a little tired ofspending 15 or so minutes of building for every attempt to capture more.

As you've probably already surmised, I can'trecommend Flybrix.

At the same time, I dont take any pleasurein bashing a small start-up that seems to genuinely care about their product.

While individual aspects, like the well-writteninstructions and reliable apps for both computer and smartphone may stand out, basics, likemultirotors that fly right and don't disintegrate are just not there.

There are also higher level problems, likewho Flybrix is actually for.

The tone and level of depth varies a lot betweenthe different apps and sources of information.

While this is spun as Flybrix being a productfor everybody, I'm more inclined to think the opposite (except possibly people intoelectronics or coding due to the programmable flight board and open source code): If you'rea beginner, the instructions won't cover all available features and if you're more experienced,you probably won't see the point as you can just as well build a better "real" multirotorfor less money.

Flybrix isn't crowdfunded, but feels likeit could have been.

It has a great sounding idea and a very polishedpitch, which is fine as long as that idea works as well as it sounds and all that emphasison selling you on it doesn't come at the cost of the actual product being delivered.

Sadly, I don't feel this is the case withFlybrix.

Thank you for watching this short review ofFlybrix! I hope you feel I did my due diligence, but– as always – if you've had a different experience with the product I would be veryinterested to hear about it and would try to work it into the video somehow.

Alright, see you soon in another review! Stay tuned for the post-credit bonus scene! Bye! – Ho ho ho ho ho! Happy holidays!.